NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at Hannover Messe 2012

More economical motors, extended range of
gearboxes, innovative smooth surfaces,
and a larger variety of inverters

For those interested in the recent Hannover exhibition in Germany, but unable to attend, the following is a brief overview of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS new products at the show:

Responding to the increasingly demanding energy saving regulations for motors across many markets, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS now provides IE4 systems from 0.55 to 7.5 kW in motor sizes from 80 to 100. NORD also sup-plies IE3 motors up to size 180. In addition to standard IE2 models, which have been available worldwide for some time now, the global manufacturer also provides IE2 ATEX versions in size 80 to 180. NORD has also made various additions to its gearbox program.

At the Hannover Messe exhibition, NORD shows new gearboxes with specially treated casings (above), distributed inverters, and enhanced-efficiency motors (below)

The newly expanded family of powerful industrial gear units now covers torques from 25,000 to 242,000 Nm. In this series, one standard housing per frame size spans the entire transmission range. This highly flexible modular concept provides countless options for straightforward and fast configuration for individually required models. Another key product from NORD, the new two-stage helical bevel gear units in open or closed washdown designs can be cleaned especially easily. Both robust and very lightweight, these aluminum gearboxes are available in five frame sizes with torques from 90 to 660 Nm. Another new development, the SMI series of worm gear units follows the same approach. Featuring extremely resistant and very smooth surfaces, these two gearbox series are optimally suited for applications with demanding hygiene requirements. NORD uses a new treatment to provide aluminum surfaces with an excellent corrosion-protection equal to stainless steel. Lastly, NORD introduces more powerful and versatile products from its drive electronics division. SK 200E frequency inverters for distributed installation are now available with output ratings of up to 22 kW. SK 500E control cabinet inverters now reach up to 90 kW – models for up to 160 kW are under way. The latest addition to this family, the intelligent SK 540E inverter supports the IEC 61131 standard for programming of drive-related functions. NORD SK 200E and SK 500E series inverters employ fast ISD current control technology which ensures constant speed under changing loads and provides very high torques during start-up. Thanks to a wide choice of optional functions, users can select the perfect combination for highly precise applications that are realized at very competitive cost. Users are able to implement servo-like performance by com-bining advanced features with encoder feedback for speed and position control as fully preconfigured units from one source. Currently, NORD is preparing solutions for encoderless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors with very high drive efficiency.