Nord Gear’s same-day gearmotor assembly
service now extended across full
NORDBLOC.1 helical inline range

90 Nm to 3200 Nm!

With UK assembly at Nord Gear’s Abingdon facility for all cast aluminium NORDBLOC.1 series gearmotors, and with the German assembly line now in full stream for larger cast iron sizes, Nord Gear now offers a same-day assembly and despatch service across its complete NORDBLOC.1 range. This service ensures a rapid turnaround for industrial helical inline gearmotors from 90 Nm to 3200 Nm torque output and motor powers up to 37 kW.

NORDBLOC Helical Inline Geared Motor, NORDBLOC Helical Inline Gearmotor NORDBLOC Stirnradgetriebemotor, motoriduttori coassiali ad ingranaggi NORDBLOC

Same Day Assembly Service

NORDBLOC.1 same day delivery service extended to size 7,8 & 9

The NORDBLOC.1 gearmotor range was first introduced by Nord in 2007 and has gradually been expanded to nine sizes available in a broad selection of foot and B14 or B5 face mount versions with standard and high efficiency IEC frame motors in sizes 63 through 200.

Based upon the UNICASE gearbox design that Nord Gear has developed and improved upon over almost three decades, the NORDBLOC.1 range features a one-piece housing and provision for much larger and stronger bearings than competitive lines. These features provide for increased internal shaft diameters and together result in higher strength and less deflection than fabricated gearbox designs - offering superior overhung and thrust load capacity as well as much improved gearbox lifetime.

With minimal sealing required and built in gear unit ventilation, the design also helps extend lubricant life and eliminate any potential for oil leakage under high load conditions. For the aluminium housed versions assembled in Abingdon, the smooth finish provides a natural corrosion protection requiring no paint although this can be provided if required. ATEX versions for hazardous environments are also available.

NORDBLOC Helical Inline Geared Motor NORDBLOC Stirnradgetriebemotor, motoriduttori coassiali ad ingranaggi NORDBLOC

In addition to the fast turnaround service for NORDBLOC.1 series inline gearmotors, Nord Gear Limited also offers an assembly service across other UNICASE gearmotors from its Abingdon facility including helical bevel and helical worm designs. The service is a part of a world-wide assembly and service network of more than 60 internationally based facilities centred in major manufacturing areas, each offering localised technical support and a rapid delivery service.

Nord Gear also manufactures a complete range of high efficiency frequency inverter drives for use with the NORDBLOC.1 and other gearmotor ranges - providing a complete fast turnaround service for centralised and distributed motor control applications from pumps and fans to conveying and cranes across all areas of industry.