Precise, dynamic drive technology

SK 200E distributed frequency inverters
from NORD with encoder input and
integrated positioning control

Conventional distributed servo solutions are complex and expensive but until now, users had no alternative when positioning tasks needed to be implemented in remote locations. The SK 200E frequency inverter series from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides an ideal, cost-efficient alternative. Designed for motor terminal box mounting, the units are available in sizes 1 to 4 with a performance range of 0.25 to 22 kW. Unique in their class, they feature an inte-grated positioning control module and connection options for incremental and absolute encoders. The SK 200E series, which caters for cost-sensitive applications, thereby allows for the use of standard asynchronous motors even in tasks where relative or absolute position control is required. The integrated POSICON position control module enables users to program up to 63 absolute positions. Position information can also be transferred via a fieldbus interface. Additionally, up to six step lengths (position increments) can be stored in the frequency inverter.

Illustration: Available with output ratings of up to 22 kW, SK 200E distributed inverters feature encoder connection options and an integrated positioning control module

In all tasks, the control module's motion algorithm ensures fast and safe posi-tioning. The frequency inverters have a wide range of features: even the basic versions include encoder evaluation, positioning control, an integrated brake chopper, a control module for an electromagnetic brake, plus a high-performance sensorless current vector control which ensures that a position is held even under strong load fluctuations. Furthermore, customers can adapt the inverters to suit the needs of any application through a wide range of internal and external expansion modules. More information about the inverters' features and application fields can be found at .

Frequency Inverter - SK 200E

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