Nord Drivesystems IC410 cast iron motors

Built for the Steel Industry

NORD Drivesystems expertise in drive technologies for vertical markets is well demonstrated by its wide range of gearboxes, motors, frequency inverters and servo controls that are suited to and extensively used in iron & steel production and other metal processing industries. Such applications demand peak performance for 24/7 operation in harsh and often high temperature environments combined with low maintenance, long service life and the highest levels of drive system efficiency.

NORD`s experience in the iron & steel industry covers all areas in a steel plant, such as conveying, steel making, hot rolling and also processing lines. Typical applications are conveying, ladle transportation, slab handling and roller tables for furnace charging/discharging, mill stands, cooling beds or shearing lines.

Helical Inline Gear Motor Stirnradgetriebemotor Harsh environments are routinely characterised by high temperatures, water, steam and corrosive agents with high shock and vibration combined with dynamic requirements often requiring high intermittent start up rates and frequent reversals.

With every application unique, NORD takes a custom engineering approach to ensure that power and torque, bearing life, oil temperatures and overall efficiency are well considered in relation to the electrical, mechanical & thermal stresses on each individual drive unit in line with budget and delivery requirements.

For reversing rolling mills and similar harsh environment applications where high duty cycle and frequent reversals are essential requirements, NORD can supply a range of IC410 totally enclosed unventilated (TENV) motors with straight fins but also with radial fin or ring fin cast iron housings that improve the natural heat convection from the motor (and also help to resist steel production debris build up when the motor is installed horizontally). The radial fin motor range is available in power ratings up to 30kW and features special larger windings with reduced power but very high starting torques of up to Mk/Mn >3. The kW range adequately covers the power requirements for applications near the rolling mill stand where geared motors are used for the working roller tables. Aided by the increased motor frame, these specialist motors feature larger bearing and shaft diameters than comparable power industrial motors which helps contribute to higher load handling and longer life in extreme environments. Additionally the IC410 non-ventilated design offers best protection against dust, dirt or water splashing.

NORD motors suited to other areas of metals production feature TEFC designs with horizontal cooling fins in cast iron housings to ensure maximum absorption of vibration and shock with protection options to IP66. Typical duty classes in steel plants are S5 or S9. A wide choice of integrated brakes and heavy duty encoders is also available. IE2 and IE3 efficiency level motors allow reduced operating costs and higher performance with the added advantage of an increased start-up and breakdown torque with improved safety factors and extended life.

NORD gearboxes with UNICASE one-piece housings provide higher strength and much less deflection than fabricated gearbox designs with minimal sealing that eliminates the potential for oil leakage under high load conditions. The complete range includes shaft, foot and flange mounted gear units in helical, parallel shaft and bevel designs with torque output ratings to 50,000 Nm as well as industrial gear units that comprise modular sub-assemblies including a large single piece UNICASE gearbox, motor and coupling mounted on a swing base for torque output to 200,000 Nm. Reinforced shafts, special anti corrosive paints, 'Quadralip' sealing for high temperatures, labyrinth seals for increased protection and reinforced bearings are just a few of the many options available through the complete range.

NORD frequency inverters include the SK500E cabinet range for power ratings up to 160 kW and the decentralised SK200 range for solutions up to 22 kW. Both include all of the common bus systems for integration into automation systems with innovative safety technology and ATEX versions available as well as servo systems with electronic gearbox functions.