Cutting Machine Operator

Duration: 3 years
Begin: each 1st August
Practice: Gadebusch
Theory: Ausbildungszentrum Schwerin

The contents of the three year training as a machining mechanic include basic skills in milling, welding, drilling, machining and CNC lathework. The prerequisite is a secondary school qualification with good grades in Mathematics.

For this vocation you will need manual skills, as well as a precise and reliable attitude toward your work.

Training is carried out at Fertigungstechnik NORD in Gadebusch. The theoretical training is in the form of full-time blocks at the training centre on Schwerin.


Fertigungstechnik NORD GmbH
Dörte Lenschow
Trittauerstraße 5
19205 Gadebusch
(Tel: 0388 670-7713)