Industrial Engineering and
Business Management

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Business Management
Duration: 3,5 years (7 semester)
Begin: each 1st September
Practice: Bargteheide - a period abroad is possible
Theorie: NORDAKADEMIE Elmshorn

Thanks to your technical and commercial training as an industrial engineer you will be able to take on a wide range of functions. You will be able to comprehensively analyse and design work or business processes.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers you the opportunity to apply the skills which you have acquired in all the relevant commercial or technical departments and to improve these, for example with project work or a placement abroad.

As well as good A levels with good grades in the main subjects, this dual course of study requires a great deal of dedication and good communication skills. The course of study at the NORDAKADEMIE, Elmshorn takes seven semesters (each of ten weeks).

During your theoretical training in the context of an integrated three-and-a-half year Bachelor of Science course you will attend lectures in Engineering, Technology Management and Business Studies. A broad range of seminars and two foreign languages round off your profile as an Industrial Engineer.

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NORDAKADEMIE Hochschule der Wirtschaft
Köllner Chaussee 11
D-25337 Elmshorn
04121 4090-0


Leiterin der Personalabteilung bei NORD, Kathrin Wulf

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Kathrin Wulf (Leitung Personal / Ausbildungsleiterin)
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Personalreferent der Personalabteilung bei Getriebebau NORD, Felix Zahn

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Felix Zahn (Personalreferent / Ausbildungsleiter)
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