SCP series Screw Conveyor Gearbox

NORD Drivesystems’ “SCP” series Screw Conveyor
Design gearbox saves costs on installation and
maintenance on screw conveyors.

NORD Drivesystems Au have recently released an innovative range of Helical gearbox and geared motors designed especially to fit screw conveyors to the Australian market. NORD’s “ SCP ” products offer a high efficiency of mechanical power transmission, together with a space saving compact design, and reduced costs of installation. Inclusion of the NORD IE2 high efficiency electric motor close coupled to the gearbox further enhances the high efficiency and compact design. The NORD SCP design eliminates the less efficient and more expensive v-belt drive as traditionally utilized in the screw conveyor industry. This not only reduces the installation costs and time, but also eliminates all costs associated with v-belt maintenance and replacement.

SCP Screw Conveyor Package

The NORD SCP range is particularly suited to U-trough screw conveyors. The standard design features a specially designed flange and shaft to meet CEMA screw conveyor specifications The gearbox on the left features NORD’s IEC electric motor adaptor.

The NORD SCP range comprises of a purpose manufactured output flange housing, that connects the standard NORD Parallel shaft geared motor series externally to the end of a CEMA ( Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association ) specification screw conveyer. The output shaft is tapered and features three holes to also match the CEMA specification. These features also not only facilitate easy mounting and removal, but reduce bearing loads. The NORD SCP products’ external mounting allows quick removal from the screw conveyor, further reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The NORD SCP standard design incorporates an elaborate sealing arrangement comprising of two double lip Viton oil seals, a grease impregnated felt seal, and two Quadralip seals. There is a material evacuation groove on the shaft and an associated evacuation port for contaminants. Further NORD options include a grease purge seal, high capacity NORD “ VL” bearings, and NORD “ SM5 “ stainless steel shafts.


Cutaway of the NORD SCP’s compact flange design, incorporating the sealing arrangement.

The NORD SCP size range consists of electric motors from 0.12 kW to 22 kW, close coupled to the NORD Parallel shaft geared motor series from SK1282 to SK5382. The NORD Parallel shaft geared motor range offers mechanical efficiencies between 95 % and 97 %, and are available with a very wide range of output speeds and options to suit customer requirments. To make the NORD Parallel shaft gearbox range even more versatile, there is a range of NORD IEC electric motor input adaptors available which allow the customer to fit their own preferred electric motor brand. The NORD IEC adaptor will also facilitate easy fitment of Australian Certified Harzardous Environment and Dust Ignition Proof ( DIP ) electric motors.

The NORD SCP range has been successfully sold in the North American market in excess of 15 years. NORD Drivesystems Au can also offer a range of SCP design to suit the NORD Helical bevel geared motor range. The friendly NORD Drivesystems Au sales team can help with unit selection and all quoting. Dimension drawings including 3D are available on request.

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