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Sargent Industrial SAC

Since 1925, Thomas C. Sargent has contributed to the development of the country of Chile representing world-class brands.

In the 1930s, the British company Renold was joined by an efficient and versatile tool for the industrial sector, the roller chain, which quickly conquered the Chilean industry.

Then came Saunders diaphragm valves, present in process plants all over the world. Like them, the German company Flender (today Siemens) relied on Sargent Industrial for the commercialization of all its product lines (electrical and power transmission).

In the 80's the Industrial Automation department was formed to offer a distinctive service in hydraulic equipment, pneumatics, instrumentation and process control systems.

Today Sargent Industrial offers products, services and integrations with offers in electrical, mechanical and hydraulic areas. The brands that Sargent commercializes are referents and world leaders in their specialties,.

Since 2016 Sargent has started the penetration of the Chilean market with NORD.

Santiago (HQ), Antofagasta, Calama, Copiapó, Valparaíso, Talca, Concepción, Osmorno, Puerto Montt

Sargent Industrial SAC

Licensed NORD Distributor for Chile

Sargent Industrial has a team of more than 170 professionals, including technicians and specialized engineers, distributed throughout Chile (Antofagasta, Calama, Copiapó, Valparaiso, Talca, Concepción, Osorno, Puerto Montt).

At the headquarters in Santiago there is a production plant for reducers, motors and geared motors, another for hydraulic and a factory for the manufacturing of equipment, parts and pieces.

Our vision is to be the supplier selected in all the businesses we participate in -, from mining, forestry, manufacturing and industrial sectors in general. In addition we strive to generate maximum value for our customers, workers, shareholders and the community, based on a team of excellence.

Our mission is to sell and advise on the selection of products, equipment and solutions, to our industrial clients, through the representation of world-class brands and the reliable work of motivated, honest and committed people for the satisfaction of contributing to the Development and modernization of the country

Sargent SAC's headquarters, located in Santiago, Chile, is the licensed distributor for NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group. They cover the entire country of Chile.

Sargent SAC provides sales services, engineering consulting, assembly and product service for NORD's entire line of MAXXDRIVES, CLINCHER Parallel Shaft gear units, geared motors and drive electronics.



NORD was founded in 1965. Our successful climb to the elite list of gearmotor manufacturers is due to our strategy to listen to and work closely with our customers. Together with the help of our customers and local partners, we have created optimal drive solutions and continue solid growth.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is represented in over 60 countries in the world. With more than 3,200 employees to ensure minimum lead times and fast customer service, you can expect on-time delivery and to have your questions answered quickly regardless of your geographic location.

With our powerful drive solutions, we put even the “Goliaths” of this world into motion: for the mining and cement industries and much more. No matter what your application is, NORD is sure to put it into motion.

Our products embody an innovative combination between compact mechanics and intelligent electronics. We market and produce a complete product line of mechanical and electrical drive components including quality gear reducers, electric motors, AC Vector Drives, servo controllers and distributed drive technology.

Our high quality and service standards result from our customer focus. We develop industry leading products and innovative drive solutions based on customer input. Together, NORD and our customers are building successful long term business relationships.


Sargent Industrial SAC sells the complete range of NORD products including MAXXDRIVES for the Sugar, Cement and Mining industries, CLINCHER parallel shafts for Conveyors and Agitators and Geared Motors and Inverters in the Food and Beverage Industry.