NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, Founded in 1965, has become a world-renown drive solution manufacturer. With its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, NORD provides specialty services in the manufacture and sales of quality gear units, motors and frequency inverters. Backed by 7 advanced manufacturing bases supplying motor components and 36 facilities providing ample inventories, assembly and service, technical support, and customer service, NORD operates its global network across 5 continents. With more than 3,600 employees around the world, we ensure your customized drive solutions.

In 2005, NORD officially established its business presence in the Chinese market, establishing modern assembly and production bases in Suzhou, Tianjin, and other cities successively. By upholding professionalism in its operation philosophy as well as adhering to the standards of its headquarters, Nord (China) Power Transmission Co., Ltd. will provide Chinese customers with fast, high quality, German-style services.

NORD (China) Power Transmission Co. Ltd. in Suzhou, China

Gear Units Assembly

Motor Production at NORD (China) Power Transmission Co. Ltd. in Suzhou, China Motorenproduktion bei NORD (China) Power Transmission Co. Ltd. in Suzhou, China

Motor Production

Gear Units Assembly Plant at Nord (Tianjin) Power Transmission Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China

Gear Units Assembly Plant

Nord (China) Power Transmission Co., Ltd. was incorporated in the Suzhou Industrial Park in 2004. Housing a gear units assembly plant and a motor production plant, it occupies a total area of 65,000 square meters. Located in Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone, Nord (Tianjin) Power Transmission Co., Ltd. also operates a gear units assembly plant with an area of 12,600 square meters. Meanwhile, NORD operates a high precision motor laboratory and a modern frequency inverter facility in China. With the world’s cutting-edge technologies, it provides superior debugging, testing, and maintenance services for equipments.

Moreover, Nord (China) Power Transmission Co., Ltd. operates two technical support centers and more than 24 representative offices in China, providing a service and sales network that extends to all medium and large cities across the country. Recently, NORD products have been recognized for their excellent performance in various business sectors, including steel metallurgy, environmental protection, material handling, building machinery, auto Industry, port construction, stage equipment, F&B, and chemical & pharmaceuticals.

NORD is committed to providing its clients with:

  • World class product quality
  • A wide range of products
  • Fast delivery, service, and shipment all over the world
  • Competitive performance-price ratio
  • Customized solutions