Press Release: “We offer solutions
with highest levels of economy
and efficiency”

Newly appointed Managing Director of Nord
Drivesystems Pvt Ltd PL MUTHUSEKKAR
shares his 25 years expertise of motor gears,
newly introduced decentralized frequency
inverters, in conversation with LovinaKinny.

The company has recently introduced decentralized frequency inverters to the Indian market. Can you tell us of the unique features of this drive? How has been the response to this product?

NORD has been developing and producing decentralised frequency inverters for more than five years. Now we have expanded NORDAC-DA flexible decentralized concept with a further module. The new SK 200E frequency inverter series is designed to be mounted directly on the motor terminal box to create a combined, fully integrated unit for use in the field. Similar to the SK 500E inverter series, which was launched two years ago, the new models provide a continuous range of performance and various optional features, which greatly simplify the selection of models to suit the particular application.

SK 200E inverters are available with almost the same range of functions as the SK 500E models. The spectrum ranges from simple drive functions to complex positioning control. Their low-cost design, variable equipment and compact size as well as their compatibility with various connection systems, makes them especially suitable for material handling applications. Several externally visible LED displays enable simple diagnosis directly on the device.
Communication systems both with and without connection facilities for sensors, actuators and control modules are available for all current applications.
Very few companies have decentralized frequency inverters – an integration of a motor, gear box and variable frequency drive in their basket. This product can be used in applications like logistics, packaging and airport baggage handling. The product has evoked interest amongst the customers but it really has to see the light. We foresee a good market for this product.

Cranes in shipyards, container terminals and other port facilities require reliable, powerful drive machines and electronics. How are Nord’s geared motors designed to withstand high radial and axial forces? Can you also brief us the line of geared motors and inverters Nord offers in this context?

The tasks of cranes in picking up loads and setting them down gently at a precise location requires special drives and integrated brakes as well as a frequency inverter technology, which ensures a soft start and generator braking via defined adjustable ramps. Smooth motion with high positioning accuracy is essential - and is often required with the simultaneous movement of the crane and the trolley as well as the control and synchronous operation for travelling drives. This places the very highest demands on the drive systems used.

Throughout the world, manufacturers of cranes and trolleys rely on parallel shaft geared motors from Nord Drivesystems with power ratings up to 200 kW and a wide range of gear ratios. Speeds are around 80 m/min for crane movement and 32 m/min for trolley movement, with accelerations of 0.2 m/sec. Two or three-stage basic types are available with hollow or solid shafts, in foot mounted, flange mounted or face mounted versions, each with the same housing. The unicase concept enables parallel shaft gear units with high output power and extremely compact gear unit dimensions. These in turn can be combined with many elements of the Nord modular system. In addition to the high efficiency of gear units with helical, parallel, bevel and worm gears, there are further decisive benefits to operators. Greater operational reliability, high output torques, high axial and radial loading capacity, quiet running, high efficiency, reduced maintenance and a longer operating life are the key features of this series.

Crane travelling drives can be achieved with NORD SK 500E, which is a bevel gear unit with hollow shafts and torque arm. Synchronous running is achieved with NORD SK 500E series frequency inverters. The compact design of foot-mounted parallel shaft gear motors with hollow shaft and shrink disc allows the configuration of two cable drums in a very small space.

Renewable energy today is source of efficient energy. Which areas (wind, solar, biogas, geothermal energy) are represented by you and by what products?

We provide energy optimized drive solutions in production of renewable energy by means of solar energy, wind power and biogas plants. In Rodenäs, the northernmost town on the German mainland, specializing in the solar Rodenäs GmbH mounting systems for solar panels, solar cells achieved at normal incidence of the highest solar efficiency with the use of Nord’s intelligent tracking system. The precise alignment of the sun increased significantly their efficiency; at least insofar as the tracking itself does not consume too much energy. Intelligent tracking technology increases the efficiency of photovoltaic systems. It requires robust gear motors, solar panels to be positioned against strong wind forces and keep safe. The tracking control is calculated from sunrise and sunset data-to-date ecliptic. By sunrise, the solar panels turn to the east and then throughout the day to follow the sun. Every 15 minutes lead NORD geared motors on an impulse from the central controller for the solar panels at four degrees of the sun, and then they switch off again. The solar panels generate the tracking higher by 25 to 30% performance compared to fixed panels.
The company develops, in addition to fixed-mounted systems and hand-to-use and fully automatic solar tracking systems. The company has received repeat orders for its concentrated solar thermal tracking system in Spain. In India, the tracking system is at nascent stage. Even the concentrated solar thermal market needs to be developed. In renewable energy, wind energy market has matured, solar has to advance while tidal and geothermal will take some time to develop.
Besides, Nord has also designed complete operation of a biogas plant technology that has helped produce as much energy for Schmack Biogas AG.The gear motor designedrich two-phase standard motors, each with 2.2 kW to drive the horizontally mounted agitator in up to 26 meters long EUCO main fermenter. The required torques of up to 30,000 Nm was achieved through a five-stage helical gearbox series SK 9382nd. The stirring paddle on the shaft in the container turn it just once at 0.8 revolutions per minute.
The speed-controlled motors were designed so robust that it can ensure high availability in a continuous bio-chemical process that allows for no downtime.

Can you brief us on the company’s growth from agent cum distributor to establishing subsidiary Nord Drivesystems Pvt Ltd?


NORD was founded in 1965 and now has net sales of approximately €412 million. NORD is represented by 36 subsidiaries in over 60 countries in the world. Our powerful drive systems have put to work huge cranes in harbour facilities, retractable roofs sports stadiums, airport baggage handling etc. our product range includes geared motors, motors, frequency inverters and NORD is the only manufacturer in the world which produces industrial gear units up to 229 kNm as UNICASE versions. NORD´s wide variety of gear types covers torques from 10 Nm to 2,00,000 Nm. The company also manufactures motors delivering outputs from .12 kW to 200 kW, and power electronics ranging from frequency inverters to servo controllers. NORD's inverter line-up features conventional models for installation in control cabinets as well as design types for fully integrated drive units in decentralized automation environments. With its own gear and motor production facilities and assembly units, NORD offers its customers complete, sophisticated system solutions with the very highest levels of economy and efficiency.

NORD India was established in the year 2005 at Hinjewadi / Pune, the engineering capital of India, and full fledged operation was commenced from 2007, to serve the customers in India and the SAARC countries. NORD in India is growing at CAGR of 30%, and has contributed `60 crore to the global turnover.

Can you throw light on your assembly unit in Pune. Do you plan to set up any manufacturing unit in India?

Our assembly plant in Pune has capacity to produce 25000 units annually of which the utilization in 2011 was 15000 units and we expect to increase this number to 24000 in 2012. Our centralized manufacturing unit is located in Germany. In the long run we look forward to expand our business. We plan to set up another assembly unit in India shortly. We produce high reliable products which need huge investments in terms of setting up machineries and automated systems. For instance, we have automated machineries for producing shafts in one go and managed by robots. When we have high production capacity level in our centralized manufacturing unit in Germany, currently, we are not looking at reproducing it at different place.
Nevertheless, in the short run, we shall expand our assembly units, dealers network and do value additions in terms of manufacturing activities. Currently, we have 7-8 dealers spread all across the country, and we plan to double it in next one year. We also plan to add few more assembly benches in Pune i.e. for assembling bigger size gear boxes. We also have plans to increase our motor assemblies.

How do you see the drive system market in India?


The geared motor and the industrial gear box market are not directly related to the GDP growth of the country; however the growth is always 2-3x the GDP. It is an attractive market as this industry spreads across all the sectors like chemical, pharmaceutical, engineering, aviation, steel, infrastructure etc.

NORD is performing well in the geared motors segment of drive systems however we need to strengthen our hold in the variable frequency drive coupled with gear boxes segment. We plan to strengthen our hold with our unique product - decentralized drive system.


How do you see the competition here in India? Is it more from the organized or unorganized sector?


The drive system market is becoming more organized and growing at much higher pace which is a welcome sign for a high quality solution provider like Nord. There are only a few organized players in this field; brand new players entering the sector are seldom. We don’t see any small companies coming up or unorganized sector growing.


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