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FACING THE HARSH REALITIES – solutions for pumps in iron ore applications

Iron Ore mining can dish up the harshest and most demanding environments of all. Pump applications in this industry need to cope with large volumes, extreme temperatures not to mention dusty and wet conditions. Breakdowns can cost millions, so reliability is of utmost importance.

SK200 with EtherCAT and IEC motor

SK200 with EtherCAT and IEC motor

Derrimut , 2017-09-18

That is why customers look for products which can not only withstand the harsh environment but continue to operate without fail. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS was recently selected to supply components an iron ore project in Western Australia.

NORD’s IEC Motors with decentralised frequency inverter in ranges from 5.5 kW to 7.5 kW were selected for the pump application for. Energy usage can be reduced by close to 50% with the use of VSD’s (Variable Speed Drive) to control motors in these applications.

NORD was the only service provider who could provide a true IP66 motor and VSD as an integrated solution. For this new project, the customer wanted to avoid installing a new Centralised Switchroom.

According to Martin Broglia, Managing Director NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Australia, more and more customers are looking for solutions where there is no need for cabinet mounting to avoid the additional cost and labour as a result of more cabling and wiring. The NORD solution, where the electronic control is mounted on top of the motor, is becoming more popular among customers.

The NORDAC FLEX SK200E from NORD comes fitted with an internal EtherCAT card which connects to a B17 plug. The communication network was important in this application as it assists with the full control and status of the motor.

“We were able to offer a quick supply solution according to the customer’s specifications because all of these components are assembled locally” says Martin. The decentralised frequency inverters were supplied in a 7.5 kW with IP66 rating as specified by the customer. The NORDAC FLEX SK 200E offers versatile installation possibilities. Scalable functionality and flexible configuration makes for simple installation and easy maintenance through the extensive plug in capability and simple parameter transfer via EEPROM memory. This variable speed drive comes in power range up to 22kW, is suitable for wall or motor installation and comes in variants of IP55 and IP66.

According to Broglia, NORD supplied the customer in the required power range and with the B17 plug needed to suit the new installation. NORD supplied 11 units for a pilot run with more potentially on order.

“We had to fit a new B17 plug. The beauty of this plug is that it provides power and communication in one cable allowing for a quick connection to the master PLC. Even though we did not have the plug, we managed to adapt it to suit the application. We were able to supply the customer with a complete plug and play solution” adds Broglia.

As a prominent global developer and manufacturer of drive technology, NORD recognised a critical gap for drives specifically suited to the demands of the mining industry and its stringent requirements. Today the NORDAC FLEX SK200E fitted to the NORD IEC motor, delivers to the highest standards and specifications for this industry.

As a German-born company, NORD’s customers benefit from global trends in product development and new application methods coupled with advanced R&D to deliver on innovative and cost-effective solutions.