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As the latest offering to join NORD Drivesystems’ well-established portfolio, the NSD tupH aluminum drive has a lot to live up to – particularly when meeting the demands of the meat processing industry. Having launched in 2016, NORD Drivesystems is pleased to announce that customers are already benefiting from the advanced technology of the NSD tupH, with its aluminum surface proven to be six to seven times harder than the base material - making it an industry first!

Derrimut , 2018-02-12

Combining decades of expertise, advanced R&D and its customer-centric nature, NORD today offers a sleek surface treatment to make its IP-69 rated aluminum drive robust and corrosion-resistant to easily withstand harsh wash downs and meet hygienic requirements whilst remaining competitively priced. When looking to the requirements of the meat processing sector, NORD designed the NSD tupH with stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel output shafts and food grade lubricants to ensure a long service life.

NORD recently saw early success of the NSD tupH at JBS Dinmore, the largest processing plant for beef in the southern hemisphere and the largest employer in the Ipswich region. In an abattoir where hygiene is of the utmost importance, equipment and machinery undergoes a harsh chemical wash down three times per day and here, NORD’s competitor’s solution suffered from extreme paint wear and needed to be replaced after a relatively short service life.

Martin Broglia, Managing Director of NORD Drivesystems Australia, describes the application: “This conveyor line is called ‘trim line’ and is situated in the kill floor. Here, the carcass is moved by our gearbox and cuts the left-over fat. This process requires a harsh chemical wash down three times per day to rid the area of blood and fat,”

The team at NORD installed the NSD tupH as an alternative solution to the current gearbox. After the same period of time as its competitor in the same environment, NORD’s solution was able to withstand the harsh conditions without degradation and remained in perfect working condition. Broglia elaborates on the outcome and benefits: “We were confident in this solution for JBS Dinmore after carefully assessing their needs and we are pleased to announce that the NSD tupH delivered!”

“NORD has used this solution in Europe and the USA for some time now in varied applications and on all occasions, the results have been impressive”.

Broglia points out that the gearbox unit should be easier to clean due to the lack of trap points and as it has no exterior paint, paint flaking will not be an issue. “What’s more in terms of energy efficiency, the HMT motor from NORD is IE3 efficient and is rated at a lower kilowatt to the current unit used offering 96 – 98% efficiency. We are also able to use a smaller electric motor to achieve the same (if not better) output and torque rating”.

In addition, in the unlikely event of a motor failure, the NSD tupH is equipped with a 90 frame IEC adaptor with a standard fit B14 electric motor to avoid downtime and to ensure that any motor in 90 frame could be installed on the ‘dry fit’ adaptor.

“While the cost may be dearer than its predecessor by our competitor, we are confident that JBS Dinmore will experience improved efficiencies in terms of energy, reduced cleaning time and zero potential for contamination for long-term cost savings; we also offer a two-year warranty.”