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Energy efficiency and reduction of variants

Individually tailored drive concepts based on the LogiDrive system solution from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS represent an optimal compromise between energy efficiency and a reduction of variants. They prove themselves in major intralogistics projects for airports or parcel centres where a lot of drive units are installed.

Bargteheide , 2020-01-13

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS creates individually tailored drive solutions for intralogistics applications based on the LogiDrive concept – an energy-efficient, service friendly and standardised modular system. LogiDrive drive units comprise an IE4 synchronous motor with rated powers of up to 5.5 kW, a 2-stage helical bevel gear unit and a NORDAC LINK frequency inverter that is installed close to the motor. The entire system has a modular design, so that all components of the drive technology can be individually serviced. With the latest IE5+ synchronous motor from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS the LogiDrive concept’s energy efficiency and reduction of variants may be further optimised.

Optimal energy efficiency and reduction of variants
Planning a system with drives that are designed for the most energy-efficient operating points leads to optimal investment costs and motors operating comparatively energy-efficiently, independent of their efficiency class. For this purpose, many different drive variants must be managed and serviced during the system’s entire life cycle. A reduction of variants aims at an economically viable coverage of the required speeds and torques within a system, using a minimum of different drive variants. Variants may be reduced by using only one geared motor and frequency inverter size for a specific speed and load range. Controlled via the frequency inverter, this drive unit may then cover all required operating points for lower performance requirements or other speed ranges.