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A new dawn at NORD India – Family Day, Jan 24, 2015, PUNE

NORD India celebrated Family Day in recognition of 100 crores milestone achievement on Jan 24, 2014which is one of the novel strategies by NORD Management that has come up very well in reaching out toemployee’s families.

Pune , 2015-01-24

Family-day helped everyone gel well with each other along with their families and

creates a feeling of benevolence and goodwill towards organization. The ‘connect-with-family benefits'

strengthen emotional bonds as well as increase motivation, commitment and satisfaction.

Mr. PL Muthusekkar, Managing Director, NORD India says “In Indian culture, family is the core of the

society & as the family plays a prime role in any employee's life and career, we believe that reaching out

to members helps strengthen the relationship with the employees”.

The celebration started by welcoming all guests of honor Mr. Klaus Bormann, Consul at the Consulate of

the Federal Republic of Germany in Mumbai; Mr. N. Siva Subramanian, Managing Director,

ThyssenKrupp & Mr. Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, Electromech along with all families and lamp

lightening ceremony.

The company also unveil their 2015 logos for 50 yrs. completion in NORD Group & 10 yrs. completion in NORD India by the hand of honorable guests Mr. Klaus Bormann & Mr. Sivasubramanian respectively, which was followed by the launch of company jersey with the logo. After that Mr. Tushar Mehendale released special issue of NORD Insight, which is a quarterly magazine of NORD India.

Further, various edifying speeches were made by all the guests; Mr. Jan Block, Global Sales Head, NORD Drivesystems and Mr. Joerg Niermann, Global Marketing Head, NORD Drivesystems; followed by the thanks giving speech of Mr. PL Muthusekkar, Managing Director, NORD India.

Mr. Tushar Mehendale spoke about the roles & responsibilities of doing business & the difficulties faced when you start the business in a new country from scratch. He congratulates NORD team for reaching 100 crores milestone & 10 year completion in India. He added, reaching 100 crore is the first stepping stone for future success.

Mr. Sivasubramaniam started his speech with a German Word Guttentag (greetings) & by congratulating the team for 100 crore achievement. He also asked, when is the next 100 crores?? I heard its 2018 & believes that NORD team will definitely achieve it, he added. Indian Market is bound to take up with the current economy situation. He has also appreciated NORD India factory which is well planned & very clean as per German Standards.

Mr. Jan Block says, “ I am very proud to celebrate this event with you & we have a lot to celebrate apart from reaching 100 crore milestone in India i.e. 10 years completion in India, 50 years completion for NORD Germany & reaching 500 million euros milestone for the NORD Group”. He further added, “I am really impressed with the Indian team & their dedication, we have literally worked on broken glasses in the initial days. The current result shows that NORD India is a strong team with Passion for Growth “.

Mr. Joerg Niermann expressed his thanks to the guests & families for being present in the event. He shared many highlights of NORD India achievements in 2014 like “Customer Value leadership Award” by Frost & Sullivan, NORD India grabbing excellent market share in Steel Industry etc. He ended up his speech with a German Saying, “nicht auf den Lorbeeren ausruben” which means “don’t rest on laurels” (don’t give a break after success).

Mr .Klaus Bormann highlighted the significance of having a great team in his speech with an excellent example of soccer world cup 2014. He says, I am really amazed after seeing huge no. of Indian followers of soccer and as we all know Germany has won the world cup 2014, on this win somebody asked why Germany and not others, I was having only one reply Argentina has Messi, Brazil has Neymar Jr., Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo but Germany has a great team. Similarly, NORD has a strong team who is responsible for achieving 100 crore milestones. Further, Commenting on the new government in place, he says, “India & Germany are together for Mr. Modi’s “MAKE IN INDIA” Project & India is very important country for Germany”.

Lastly Mr. Muthusekkar thanked everyone for their presence & kind words. He says,”Charity begins at home” & “success starts at home” and that is the importance of family.

NORD India also rewarded employees for long serving & outstanding attendance at the event & spouses were invited to receive these awards.

Long serving employees:

  • Amit Deokule, Deputy General Manager, NORD India, Sales
  • Amruta Moghe, Manager, Sales Coordination
  • B.R. Viswanath, Regional Manager-South
  • Kaustubh Thengodkar, Deputy General Manager, Sales Coordination
  • Amol Bane, Branch Manager, Technical Sales
  • Mehboob Harkude, Office Assistant
  • Deepak Gatkal, Accounts Assistant
  • Prakash Muni, Sr. Manager, Logistics
  • Dhanraj Kalbhor, Vice President - Operations
  • Rushabh Sheth, Sr. Manager – Technical Sales

Outstanding Attendance Award:

  • Ashish Mishra, Sr. Manager Technical, Sales
  • Shahuraj Tamake , Assistant Manager, HR & Administration
  • Rohit Shinde, Team Member , Stores

There were also many special attractions like games, jumping jacks, hay rides, caricatures, contests, face painting, music and many more activities for kids at Kids carnival and also separate game stalls & carnival for spouses. The event ended on a positive note of knowing diverse culture of Indian society & developing strong bond between employee & company.