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NORD Motor and AC Drive Combination Meets Highest Level of Energy Efficiency Standards

As energy prices continue to rise and natural resources become scarcer, it is becoming more important and desirable to utilize highly efficient systems with low energy loss.

Waunakee, WI , 2015-09-08

Historically, in the power transmission industry, energy efficiency laws and regulations have pertained only to the motor. The new European standard EN 50598 expands energy efficiency requirements to the entire motor and AC drive system and provides a method to determine a numeric value for wasted energy. This new European standard will be adapted to the international standard IEC 61800-9 later this year.

NORD Drivesystems' energy and premium efficient motors paired with a NORD AC Vector Drive already meet the highest level of the new power loss regulation, IES2. NORD is a partner in energy conservation and savings and has always taken a comprehensive approach that considers the entire gearmotor and its components, providing a very low power loss system. With highly experienced and knowledgeable application engineering and customer service departments, NORD is prepared to assist with your next energy efficient project.