Frequency Inverters

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NORD ELECTRONIC DRIVESYSTEMS has developed and produced electronic drive technologies at its factory in Aurich since 1984. With our extensive know-how and large production capacity, we offer our customers optimum quality and short delivery times for frequency inverters and motor starters as part of a comprehensive modular range of drive components.

NORDAC BASE - SK 180E frequency inverter

Economical operation

NORDAC BASE is the economical decentralised inverter for simple drive applications. This product of the NORD drive electronics range requires only little installation effort, has a robust design and was designed for simple installation outside the control cabinet.

0.33 - 3.0 hp

NORDAC FLEX - SK 200E frequency inverter

Flexible to install

NORDAC FLEX is our decentralised drive with flexible installation options. It features scalable functions and flexible configuration.

Installing and servicing this inverter is easy because of its extensive plug-in capability and simple parameter transfer via EEPROM memory.

0.33 - 30 hp

NORDAC PRO - SK 500E frequency inverter

Versatile application

The NORDAC PRO is the inverter for all drive applications. It offers a wide power range, and its functionality can be extended with plug-in option modules. For heat removal this inverter uses variable cooling concepts that allow the heat to be dissipated outside the control cabinet.

0.33 - 125 hp