Predictive Maintenance

Condition Monitoring without additional sensors, status monitoring and predictive maintenance with the aid of “virtual sensors”.


The inverter collects the process data for the drive systems and calculates the time for servicing in an algorithm which takes the product data and empirical values into account. The basis for this is the neutral field bus architecture for condition monitoring according to the VDMA standard sheet 24582. This software diagnostic function is an especially efficient solution, which is also suitable for small drive units.


  • Status oriented maintenance
  • Planning with real process data
  • Reduce service and material costs
  • Longer service life of components and machine


  • Condition Monitoring without additional sensors

Status monitoring and predictive maintenance with the aid of “virtual sensors”

  • Virtual sensors form an integral part of NORD frequency inverters. They evaluate process data such as power consumption, switching frequencies and load ranges and compare these with the capacity of the drive unit. From this, the system derives the next optimum service date.
  • State-of-the-art sensors, such as temperature and oil analysis sensors, additionally improve the service scheduling.
  • Service becomes more calculable
  • Plant downtimes are minimised
  • Identification of products with barcodes or RFID chips reduces the service times

Extensive laboratory tests prove realistic results