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I’m sure we’ve all seen geared motors where the factory paint finish has failed due to the aggressive environments which are present in the food and beverage industry. The daily cleaning down of machines with high pressure hot water and cleaning chemicals is common place to produce a hygienic and clean environment. This cleaning process generally plays havoc with painted products, stripping the paint and leaving the base product to corrode, with the real possibility to actually contaminate the final food product with paint flakes or corrosion.

nsd tupH

nsd tupH

Corrosion protection nsdT tupH

A fit and forget solution to this problem is the nsd tupH sealed surface conversion syste m. Our fully machined gearbox and motors aluminium casings are treated with a special electro-chemical process which actually changes the surface properties and structure of the aluminium to make it corrosion free.
After the electro-chemical process we apply a sealer which forms a permanent bond with the aluminium surface. The finished result is a surface which is 7 times harder than the untreated aluminium and up to 1,000 times harder than paint. Even after a scratch test the integrity of the finish is maintained.
With our NSD product range all fixings and shafts are made from food quality stainless steel and any lubricant is food grade.


Re-developed products


The gearboxes and electric motors were also re-developed especially for the food industry to incorporate smooth bodies to aid cleaning.

The range is protected to IP69K and therefore suitable for jet washing with high pressure hot water.

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