Drive solutions for every task

All NORD control cabinet inverters are functionally expandable by internal and external modules. With a wide power range up to 160 kW and and high quality torque regulation, the inverters can be operated where top performance and safety are required. The scalable functionality of our technology allows it to be used in many applications for the operation of both asynchronous and synchronous motors. Issues regarding installation and maintenance are quickly and easily resolved by the intuitive NORD CON tools and parameter structures.

SK 500E

0.33 - 125 hp

NORD inverters are the solution for drive tasks in numerous applications installed all over the world. Thanks to the integrated PLC, our technology reduces the load on the higher level control system.

Whether you are a machinery manufacturer or a user: our frequency inverters are reliably used throughout the world. No matter whether intralogistics applications or general conveyor technology, whether suitcase or bulk goods. General engineering, process and packaging industries also opt on solutions provided by NORD. This is due to the advantages offered by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Our frequency inverters provide a high degree of performance and safety. Local subsidiaries and distributors on all continents ensure that we are close to our customers at all times, constantly providing high quality. No matter where you are in the world our drives are your solution – we deliver service without long waiting times.