Statutory dates and availability
of efficiency classes

Country Efficiency class Statutory starting date Availability from NORD
Switzerland IE2 July 2011 available
Europe IE2 June 2011 available
Europe IE3 2015/2017 available
USA Premium (IE3) December 2010 available
Canada Premium (IE3) December 2010 available
Brazil Alto Redimento (IE2) December 2009 available
China Grade 2 (IE2) September 2016/17 available
Korea MEPS (IE2) January 2010 available
Australia MEPS (IE2) 2006 available
Mexico MEPS (IE3) 2011 available

For motors with several rated voltages, the regulation requires that the efficiency of the relevant class is complied with for all voltages. For wide range motors (e.g. 220-240V) the motor must achieve the efficiency over the entire range (220 to 240V). NORD IE2 motors have sufficient reserves to comply with the efficiency directives, even in wide range operation.