Constant Speeds - 50Hz, metric

Catalog For G1000 - 50Hz Constant Speed Drive

Catalog for fixed speed gear units and geared motors with energy efficiency class IE1 (50 Hz, metric), e.g.
- Helical gear units / Helical gearmotors
- Parallel shaft gear units / Parallel shaft gearmotors
- Bevel gear units / Bevel gearrmotors
- Helical worm gear units / Helical worm gearmotors

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SK02, SK03, SK11E, SK12, SK13, SK21E, SK22, SK23, SK31E, SK32, SK33N, SK41E, SK42, SK43, SK51E, SK52, SK53, SK62, SK63, SK72, SK73, SK82, SK83, SK92, SK93, SK102, SK103

SK0182NB, SK0282NB, SK1282, SK1382NB, SK2282, SK2382, SK3282, SK3382, SK4282, SK4382, SK5282, SK5382, SKSK6282, SK6382, SK7282, SK7382, SK8282, SK8382, SK9282, SK9382, SK10282, SK10382, SK11282, SK11382, SK12382

SK9012.1, SK9013.1, SK9016.1, SK9017.1, SK9022.1, SK9023.1, SK9032.1, SK9033.1, SK9042.1, SK9043.1, SK9052.1, SK9053.1, SK9072.1, SK9082.1, SK9086.1, SK9092.1, SK9096.1, SK92072, SK92172, SK92372, SK92672, SK92772, SK92772.1

SK02040, SK02050, SK13050, SK12063, SK13063, SK12080, SK13080, SK32100, SK33100, SK42125, SK43125