Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair mean: calculable costs, high system availability, plannable standstill times.


Inspection/preventive maintenance

It is a short-sighted maintenance strategy to wait until an error occurs. As a rule of thumb, the costs for error correction by far exceed the potential saving with a regular maintenance interval.

Periodic maintenance

At regular intervals, NORD can check your systems for operational reliability and perform agreed upon maintenance work.

In addition to the activities specified in the Inspection Agreement, the Maintenance Agreement also covers topping off or exchanging lubricants in accordance with the operating instructions. An assessment of the worn parts and their replacement after inspection and on-site situation analysis is also performed.

Predictive Maintenance

NORD drive electronics let you define maintenance intervals that reflect the load on the drives. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

For our customers, this means:

  • Reduction of down times due to wear
  • Optimised operating costs
  • Preservation of machine and system integrity
  • Access to manufacturer knowledge for efficient inspection, maintenance, and repair
  • Improved system security and reliability by preventing potential errors
  • Analysis and evaluation of results in standard reports with experts' recommendations
  • Future-oriented forecasts of the availability of your systems, aiming at minimizing your downtime
  • Basis for risk assessments and investment decisions
  • Optimum maintenance in line with manufacturer specifications
  • Preventive measures to reduce the chance of failure