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Robust gear units doing work: NORD IGU's in the Alps

When using heavy machinery for construction work in the Alps, it comes down to two things: Quality and performance. Machines operating in exteme environments need to endure the harsh conditions in some of the tallest mountains in the world. The Linthal expansion project in the Swiss Alps demonstrated that industrial gear units from NORD have what it takes.

Industriegeriebemotor im Einsatz in einem Pumpspeicherwerk

, 2017-05-18

For this project, an underground central chamber for a pumped storage power station was built at an altitude of about 1,700 m and 600 m inside the mountain. It will pump water from the existing Limmernboden reservoir at an altitude of 1,860 m to a higher elevation in order to power the turbines that generate electricity.

Excavated rock from two new chambers had to be conveyed out of the mountain. Two NORD SK 12407 industrial gear units powered these conveyor systems in a sub-station, transporting 500 tons of excavated material per hour with an extreme incline of 45 degrees over a distance of approximately 180 meters. The rock excavation was carried out continuously in an intensive 24/7, 3-shift operation. Any downtime of the machinery would have put the project schedule at risk. Industrial gear units from NORD easily managed the transport of 2,445,000 m³ of rock at high altitudes in an Alpine environment full of dust.

The project manager was extremely satisfied with NORD DRIVESYSTEMS and our industrial gear units output torque of up to 290,000 Nm in a one-piece UNICASE housing: “It only took ten weeks from ordering to the delivery of the drives.” Additionally, the cost-benefit ratio in combination with excellent consulting and outstanding customer service impressed the Swiss who are known to aim for accuracy and perfection.

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