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NORD Gear give the "Gift of Gobble" to the River Food Pantry in Madison, WI.

As the days grow shorter and the temperature continues to drop, we officially move into the “season of giving.” For us at NORD Drivesystems that means reaching out to support our local community....

NORD introduces single-stage gear unit for high speed pumping and conveying applications in a wide range of industries

New NORDBLOC.1 Single-Stage

NORDBLOC.1 SIngle-Stage easily handles high thrust forces with heavy-duty capacity options for pumping and mixing

New High Capacity Parallel Shaft Gearbox Offers Reliability for a Wide Range of High Torque Applications

New Clicher Sizes

Whether your application involves mixing, agitating, conveying, moving bulk material or another high torque manufacturing process, reducing downtime is of the utmost importance. To meet this need, NORD Gear Corporation introduces its new high capacity parallel shaft CLINCHER™ gear units.


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO 2016 from November 6-9 in Chicago, IL. PACK EXPO is one of the largest processing and packaging trade shows and is known for highlighting innovation of the industry's top suppliers.

New MAXXDRIVE™ Case Size 14 Available

New MAXXDRIVE™ Case Size 14

NORD Gear Corporation has expanded its MAXXDRIVE™ large industrial gear unit product line to include the case size 14.

Motor Efficiency And Why It Matters

NORD Electric Motor Assembly

The Department of Energy’s revision to the 2007 EISA regulations’ requirements for minimum energy efficiency went into effect in June requiring most continuous duty, general purpose, commercial and industrial electric motors to be at least premium efficient.

Large Industrial Gearbox Assembly - Now in Wisconsin!

MAXXDRIVE Assembly in Waunakee

NORD Gear Corporation is now assembling our line of MAXXDRIVE™ large industrial gear drives at the Waunakee, WI plant.

Understanding the big picture of efficiency

Energy efficiency from NORD motors Energieeffizienz von NORD Motoren

In accordance to recent changes in motor efficiency laws, it is now mandatory that continuous duty motors for integral gearmotors be Premium Efficient. It is important to recognize that

88th Annual AAAE Conference & Expo

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference and Exhibition is the premiere event for trainings and meetings on the newest rules, regulations and vendor resources for the airport industry.

Great benefits with ULC certified AC vector drives

Using UL listed components holds many benefits for machine manufacturers and end users.


NORD Gear Corporation will be exhibiting at the 33rd annual Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo of America (CBC) from May 3 - 6 in Philadelphia, PA.

Stay on track with reliable overhead conveyors

Overhead Conveyor Drive

All NORD products offer heavy-duty construction and high quality precision machined components, and NORD’s overhead conveyors are no exception.

MODEX 2016 - Atlanta, GA

Everyone in the supply chain will benefit from attending MODEX 2016!

NORD Gear offers Customization Without Added Lead Time

Machine Shop: Waunakee, WI

The NORD Gear machine shop in Waunakee has you covered!

United States partnering country at Hannover Messe 2016

NORD 4.0 ready

Every year a leading industrialized nation is selected to be the Partner Country of the Hannover Messe Exhibition in Germany. The world's largest single economy, the USA, is the partner for the 2016 fair.

Light weight and reliable, NORD aluminum alloy gearboxes are tupH for your beverage industry needs

Durable equipment that withstands a variety of harsh environments, sanitation solutions and high pressure wash downs is essential in the beverage industry.

Flexible, Customizable, Reliable: NORD's commitment to you

Flexible Customizable Reliable

Flexibility and customization are critical in the commitment NORD Drivesystems has in supporting our customers.

NORD Gear introduces new distributed control motor soft starters

Eliminate uncontrolled starting and mechanical strain on your drive components with the SK135E/SK175E soft start drive family.

GEAPS Exchange Austin, TX - 2016


NORD Drivesystems is clean, safe, reliable and efficient. We power the grain industry with custom drive solutions!

Mix it up with NORD!

NORD Counter Rotating Stack Mixer

NORD gearboxes are oil-tight, hygienic, and non-contaminating, which makes them ideal for mixing applications.

Reliable, Worry Free Mixing with Heavy Duty Spread Bearing Design

NORD offers several variations of the VL heavy duty spread bearing designs, all which have specific features and advantages based on the specific mixing and agitating application requirements.

NORD gives the "Gift of Gobble" to The River Food Pantry in Madison

NORD donates $400 to local food pantry

As the days grow shorter and the temperature continues to drop, we officially move into the "season of giving." For us at NORD Drivesystems that means reaching out to support our local community...

NORD is always on tap at new Waunakee Brewery!


NORD gearboxes and gearmotors are used throughout the beverage industry because of their advantages in wash-down, sanitary environments.

NORD Drives power large roll forming equipment

21 NORD Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

In metal plants all over the world, NORD Drivesystems provides comprehensive drive solutions for every process. NORD systems are engineered to meet the industry requirements of today – and live up to requirements of the future.

NORD Gear Corporation recognized by Wabash National Corporation for excellent supply chain performance

Wabash National Platinum Award for Excellence 2015

NORD Gear receives platinum award for excellence in supply chain performance second year in a row


Bevel footplate offers easy exchange of industry standard worm units

NORD Drivesystems' new SK92.1 and SK93.1 series helical-bevels are exceptionally efficient with gear efficiencies up to 97%.


As a NORD customer, you can rest assured knowing that your order will be delivered on time. NORD has decentralized assembly and manufacturing operations as well as a linked global network, which enables fast and reliable responses, shorter lead times and rapid delivery.

NORD Motor and AC Drive Combination Meets Highest Level of Energy Efficiency Standards

As energy prices continue to rise and natural resources become scarcer, it is becoming more important and desirable to utilize highly efficient systems with low energy loss.


BOOTH S-7882

NORD Drivesystems will be exhibiting at PACK EXPO 2015 from September 28-30 in Las Vegas, NV. PACK EXPO is one of the largest processing and packaging trade shows and is known for highlighting the innovation of the industry’s top suppliers….

NORD Screw Conveyor Drive: A Compact, Reliable and Cost Effective Solution

Compact, Reliable, Cost Effective

The NORD Screw Conveyor Package offers a compact and cost effective alternative to traditional screw conveyor drives.Closely stepped speed reduction ratios combined with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input design eliminates the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts or guards.

Taken to new heights: Industrial gear units from NORD complete heavy workload at reservoir project

NORD's Industrial Gearbox takes on Switzerland's largest hydroelectric undertaking

Swiss energy supplier Axpo is close to finishing the demanding large-scale "Linthal 2015" construction project: Switzerland's largest hydroelectric undertaking will increase the overall output of the existing Linth-Limmern power plants from 480 MW to 1,480 MW.

Record Size UNICASE™ Industrial Gear Unit

Tailored to the application, the conveyor drive with an industrial gear unit in a one-piece housing ensures high load-bearing capacity and reliable performance.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is a world leader in large industrial gear technology. NORD recently supplied the world's largest gearbox with a one-piece housing for a 1.25 mile long mining conveyor in Morocco.

NORD GEAR NSDtupH Aluminum Alloy Gearmotor: Effective and Economic Corrosion Protection

NORD's NSDtupH sealed surface conversion works great in extreme environments.

NORD Gear Corporation's Sealed Surface Conversion (NSDtupH) protects aluminum alloy housings with an ulta-hard, scratch, and corrosion resistant surface that is a cost effective alternative to stainless steel.

NORD GEAR Introduces the Smooth Surface Motor

NORD Gear corporation's Smooth Surface Motor is now available for the North American market and for export to key global markets. NORD Smooth Surface Motors include both the HM and HMT series.

NORD GEAR Introduces the Compact and Decentralized AC Vector Drive Series SK180E

AC vector drives SK 180E

NORD now offers a new product that fills the gaps between simple motor starters and complex AC drives. Because many applications do not utilize the immense scope of functionality found in modern frequency inverters, NORD has developed and now offers the SK 180E.

NORD Drivesystems at the Craft Brewery Conference

NORD Drivesystems will be displaying at the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America (CBC) from April 14-17. Presented by the Brewers Association, the CBC is the largest industry event in the nation and the only one that serves the interests of brewpubs, packaging breweries and technical solutions providers....

Power/mation Presents Dynamic Partner Award to NORD Gear Corporation

created by 'JShanesy (John Shanesy (NORD - US)) (John Shanesy (NORD - US))' on uploading a picture

Power/mation, a high-tech automation distributor headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, recently recognized NORD Gear by presenting their Dynamic Partner Award for Product Innovation.

NORD Calender Drives in Legg Manufacturing Industrial and Agricultural Belting Facility

MAXXDRIVE Large Industrial Gearing

What could be better than no trouble? - NORD drives new calender (and just about everything else) in Legg Manufacturing Industrial & Agricultural Belting Plant.

Corrosion-Resistant Gear Drives At Work

Toughest Shell in the Shellfish Line

In the Krijn Verwijs shellfish production center, rapid drive corrosion due to a saltwater atmosphere is a major concern. NORD aluminum alloy-housed gear drives, with the unique NSDtupH surface conversion system, provide an economical solution.

Wabash National Corporation Recognizes NORD Gear Corporation

NORD Gear Receives Platinum Award for Excellence in Performance

NORD GEAR joins American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA)

For the past 50 years, NORD Gear Corporation, known globally as NORD Drivesystems, has introduced new practices in overcoming common problems. In the early 1980’s, NORD engineers developed one of the most important innovations in gearbox construction: the......

The Next Generation of 2 Stage Helical-Bevel Design from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

2 Stage Helical-Bevel

The next generation of premium efficient gearbox from NORD Drivesystems has been released for the North American market. The two stage helical-bevel design, referred to as the 92.1 and 93.1 series, offers high-performance, up to 97% efficiency and a 60% increase in torque to weight ratio over the previous series. Both series are available in five gear case sizes and are characterized by an open, smooth, self-draining outer surface.

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