AC Vector Drives

Find the solution for your application!

NORD produces AC Vector Drives for the necessary power electronics drive solutions are available both for classical installation in switching cabinets as well as for decentralized and fully integrated drive units.

NORD Electronic Drivesystems has developed and produced electronics components since 1984. Profit from our many years of know-how with innovative products and great flexibility. Our product range ac vector drives from a single source.


Economical Operation

The NORDAC BASE SK 180E fills the gaps between simple motor starters and complex AC vector drives. Many applications do not utilize the immense scope of functionality found in modern frequency inverters. This is why NORD has developed the NORDAC BASE. This product focuses on the essential functionality that is necessary for pumps and conveyor technology. The NORDAC BASE is extremely energy efficient, cost effective and offers both significant savings as well as outstanding performance.

0.33 - 3.0 hp


Easy to install

The NORDAC FLEX SK200E AC vector drive series was designed to mount directly in place of the motor terminal box to create a combined, fully integrated unit for use in the field. Our SK 200E line is a distributed control companion to our successful NORDAC PRO SK 500E series cabinet mount drive.

0.33 - 30 hp


Versatile Application

With the NORDAC PRO SK 500E series, the possibilities are limitless. The NORDAC PRO has built-in motor mapping, open loop vector control, closed vector control, 4 quadrant operation, servo performance enhancement, mechanical brake control, break release delay, injection braking, dynamic braking, incremental and absolute feedback encoder input, infinite speed range (with appropriate motor), high speed operation, communication via CANBus, Profibus, MODBus and Ethernet IP communication, option modules and more.
0.33 - 125 hp