MAXXDRIVE Large Industrial Gear Units

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Torque range:
224, 000 - 2.196.000 lb-in
3.0 - 2.950 hp
5.54: 1 - 30 000 : 1

The MAXXDRIVE™ large industrial gear units offer a unique combination of flexibility and durability for the most demanding high-torque applications. MAXXDRIVE™ is available in both a parallel-shaft design and right-angle design with a spiral-bevel input. Very high ratios are possible in the form of a compound unit by combining MAXXDRIVE™ with NORD’s Clincher™ or Helical-Bevel series.

Gearing and shafting are designed in accordance to international standards and the case carburized and hard finished gears are manufactured to the highest quality. Only industry recognized anti-friction roller bearings are used to provide exceptional bearing life. MAXXDRIVE™ also offers flexible design alternatives by providing a full complement of input, mounting, output shaft, output shaft sealing, and thermal control options.

The universal housing provides for a variety of mounting options on all six sides. MAXXDRIVE™ utilizes the well-proven UNICASE™ housing design in which all bearings and seals are contained within a single casting to offer a compact unit with optimized strength and rigidity by eliminating housing splits and bolt on carriers with built in reinforcements and ribbed construction features. Optimized geometries and precise shaft alignment provide excellent load-bearing capacity, long operating life, insignificant operating noise as well as lubrication system integrity.

Advantages of UNICASE™ housings:

  • Optimum sealing
  • Quiet running
  • High torque capacity
  • Increased lubricant life
  • Maximized operating life of bearings and gears
  • High reliability
  • Long operating life
  • Symmetrical design
  • B14 face as standard on output side
  • 6 installation configurations
  • Mirror-image installation possible
  • Same housing size, installation dimensions for all ratios (2 and 3 stage)

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