So you can be sure everything is going well: A service contract is specially tailored to meet your requirements and wishes.


Possible service contracts could be configured as follows:

Periodic inspection

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS checks the systems for operational reliability once a year.

Periodic maintenance

At regular intervals, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS checks the systems for operational reliability and performs agreed maintenance work.

Partial or full service agreement

On-site deployment occurs upon your customers' request. The annual flat rate includes all costs for transportation, working time and accommodation allowance, and required measuring instruments.

For our customers, this means:

  • Scheduled downtimes
  • Enhanced planning security and plant availability
  • Reduced cost risk
  • Legal security: using our products ensures you always comply with the latest standards and guidelines.
  • Concluding a Service Agreement reduces the load on your employees
  • The technician contacts you on his own to arrange for a visit when checks are due.
  • If a Service Contract has been concluded, the machine/system is known to us prior to the deployment.
  • Maintenance strategy based on manufacturer-specific know-how
  • Exclusive use of genuine parts
  • State-of-the-art remote monitoring
  • Less breakdowns
  • Optimum cost-effectiveness with regard to spare part and maintenance requirements
  • Minimisation of unnecessary downtimes
  • Service technicians can start repairs right away.
  • Minimised production downtime costs
  • Kits compiled by the manufacturer make selecting and searching for spare parts unnecessary.
  • Fast ability to act in case of malfunctions