Lumber Industry

Powerful and efficient solutions for
applications in the lumber industry

“NORD units meet our requirements much better than other drive manufactures, and the technical support is also fantastic,” says Brad Macaulay, manager of VFM; a Canadian customer in the lumber industry.



NORD drives control every one of the 72-inch saws

Convey using decentralized, integrated drive technology

NORD drives are equipped for the special requirements of systems within the lumber industry. Typically conveyor and storage retrieval systems are designed in modules and require decentralized, integrated drive technology. This is especially true with roll conveyors and high-bay storage retrieval systems.

Move and position using servo technology

Servo technology is a key component and a powerful automation solution for the luimber industry. Drilling and milling centers often use edge processing machines or traveling saws in order to produce with maximum efficiency. NORD servo technology couples the controller, motor and gearbox in one. This provides a high level of dynamics as well as increasing quality and efficiency. Additionally, the intelligent servo drives from Nord carry out the drive related control tasks simultaneously via an integrated real-time PLC.

Example application: the “flying saw”
NORD’s servo controller technology provides functions that can be immediately implemented and do not require programming, but rather simply need to be configured. Some examples of applications include material feeders and work piece aligners. Here, the flying saw axle is synchronized to the movement of the work piece. This ensures a perfectly straight cut even if there are changes in the travel speed of the work piece.

A wide range of applications and ATEX conformity

NORD provides conformity to ATEX Standards in accordance to European Directives 94/9/EU and 99/92/EU for motors and gearboxes. Gearboxes for the lumber industry are available in protective classes up to IP 67 and handle a large range of ambient temperatures. NORD drives are appropriate in environments with high risk materials such as sawdust, shavings and solvents, resulting in a product range with almost universal suitability for design engineers and users in the lumber industry.