Gearboxes and Gearmotors

Different types of industrial applications rely on gearboxes (also referred to as reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, gear drives or gearmotors) to reduce motor speed, change rotational direction and change shaft orientation (such as right angle, parallel or inline shaft gearboxes). NORD Drivesystems offers a number of distinct gearboxes specifically configured for varying needs.

Our gearboxes are suitable to many types of machinery and can be mounted to motors with a NEMA C-Face adapter, IEC or free input shaft designs, depending on the application need. NORD gearboxes are also available as fully integrated gearmotors, which offer the advantages of reduced materials costs, compact design, increased reliability and quieter operating levels. These integrated gearmotors are a far safer and more efficient, and durable solution compared to externally mounted speed reducer systems that require belts, chains or other open transmission devices.

Gearbox Types Available From NORD Drivesystems

Just as there are different types of gears, there are different types of gearboxes based on the types of gearing that are used. There are also different types of gearboxes based on how they are mounted, including:

  • Base/foot mounted
  • Flange mounted
  • Shaft mounted

NORD Drivesystems manufactures four basic gearboxes (helical inline, parallel shaft, helical bevel and worm) with nine gearbox product lines and over 20 million various gearmotor combinations.

Just some of the different gearboxes you’ll find at NORD are featured below. Click on each picture for more information on the gearboxes:

Helical Inline Gearboxes

Unicase helical inline gearbox

The NORD UNICASE™ Series offers one or more gear stages. It features helical gearing with a cast iron housing that supports quiet operation and is ideal for pumps and conveyors in a wide range of industries.

NORDBLOC inline gearbox

The NORDBLOC®.1 gearbox design allows for integration of larger and stronger bearings and is offered in either two or three stage helical gearing. A lightweight aluminum alloy housing is used in the lower torque ranges and these gearboxes are corrosion resistant, easy to clean, feature smooth surface housing, quiet operation, high output torque and are highly efficient.

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel shaft helical gearboxes from NORD 

The CLINCHER™ Series from NORD offers helical gearing of two stages or more. These gearboxes  feature compact cast iron housing as well as an optional Screw Conveyor Package that meets CEMA standards. They are ideal for mixers, blenders, waste water management and construction and packaging machinery.

MAXXDRIVE gearboxes

The MAXXDRIVE™ Parallel Shaft gearbox from NORD offers helical gear sets of two stages or more. This industrial gear drive features a universal mounting design that allows for flexible mounting options on all six sides.

Right Angle Gearboxes

90.1 Series Bevel Gearbox

The 90.1 Helical-bevel series supports three or more gear stages and feature a series of helical and spiral bevel gear sets. These gearboxes offer high quality, wear-free gearing inside of a cast iron housing.

92.1 and 93.1 Bevel Gearboxes

The 92.1 and 93.1 Helical-bevel series of gearboxes offer two gear stages of helical and spiral bevel gears. They are 97% efficient with a smooth, easy-to-clean and naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy housing.

MAXXDRIVE Right Angle Bevel gearboxes

The MAXXDRIVE™ Right Angle Bevel series offers three stages or more and a unique combination of flexibility and durability for high-torque applications. The universal mounting design allows for flexible mounting options on all six sides.

Worm Gearboxes

Worm gearboxes from NORD

The Helical-Worm gearboxes from NORD offer two more more gear stages and a combination of helical and worm gearing. This economic right-angle solution with a cast iron housing uses synthetic lubrication, prolonging gear life with minimal required maintenance.

FLEXBLOC Universal Gearboxes

The FLEXBLOC™ Universal worm gearboxes typically support a single worm, one stage gear set. The FLEXBLOC™ Series is designed with internal reinforcements that provide increased torsional strength and rigidity, while the gearboxes have versatile mounting options and accessory kits. These are especially compact and cost effect units.

MINICASE worm gearboxes

The MINICASE® worm gear units feature a smooth and easy-to-clean aluminum alloy housing with a simple and effective design that is compact and provides high power density. 

NORD Gearboxes and the UNICASE Housing Advantage

The expert engineers at NORD use the latest technology to customize gearboxes for every need. We are the only manufacturer of gearboxes that manufactures a one-piece modular industrial gear unit with an output torque of up to 2,100,000 lb-in.

Our UNICASE™ housing concept offers key advantages to each of our gearboxes and gearmotors:

  • All drive components and bearings are protected in one single housing, eliminating excess parts (belts, chains and additional coupling hardware) and thereby reducing necessary maintenance and materials costs.
  • All machining is completed in a one-step process within each gearbox.
  • Quieter operating volumes (especially with integrated gearmotors) work well in settings like theaters and for overhead fans in factory floors and sports arenas.
  • Rigid housing maintains gear alignment even when handling extreme loads and conditions.

NORD Drivesystems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of mechanical and electronic drive technology, with facilities in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Our success is a result of listening to and working closely with our customers. Connect with a NORD representative today and let us help you find the perfect gearboxes for your applications!



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