NORD China celebrates its 10th anniversary in Suzhou

Suzhou, China - NORD (China) Power Transmission Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology - NORD Group, held a grand celebration for its 10th anniversary on March 27, 2015 in Suzhou. Coincidentally, it’s also the 50th anniversary of NORD Group this year. Both celebrations mean a lot for NORD Group.

Guests from different industries gathered together to celebrate the unprecedented ceremony

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions, NORD has invited the leaders from Administrative Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, various departments heads from the German headquarters of NORD Group, and 244 manufacturers’ representatives from different cities of China. All guests gathered together to share and explore their opinions on the current situation and prospects of the industry.

In the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. U. Kuechenmeister, General Manager of NORD Group and Chairman of NORD China, Mr. Peter Lu, General Manager of NORD China, and customer representatives delivered speeches respectively. They have reviewed the growth path of NORD China in the past decade, summed up the achievements, anticipated the industry trend, and pointed out the challenges that have to face in the future.

After that, NORD’s technical staff took guests to visit their gear units and motor factory, introduced their applications, and patiently explained some issues asked by guests via their practical demonstration.

In the afternoon, NORD China has simultaneously held two seminars with the themes of Mechanical Product Solution and Electronic Product Solution. NORD’s engineers introduced and analyzed their mechanical and electronic products used in specific applications.

All the guests not only witnessed the steady development of NORD China in the past decade, but also thoroughly knew about the whole process of NORD production for each motor, thus deeper understood the production concept and advantages of NORD.

Fruitful achievement over the past decade

According to Mr. U. Kuechenmeister, NORD Group, established in April 1965, is specialized in production of gear units, motor, industrial gear units, inverters, motor starters and distributed inverter drive control system. In addition, NORD’s customers are from different kinds of industries, such as steel, logistics, environmental protection, stage and so on. Over the past 50 years, NORD Group has maintained steady growth, and created gross sales amounted to EUR 500 million in the 2014 business year and 36 subsidiaries worldwide today. It is now among the world's top three drives brands.

With the development of Chinese market, NORD registered a subsidiary in China in 2004, and officially put into operation in 2005. Over the past decade, NORD has set up three phases factories in Suzhou, and established a factory in Tianjin in 2011, with a total area of 77,887 square meters. The first and the second phase of the Suzhou factory are mainly used for producing gear units and machining, the third phase of the factory is mainly for the production of motors, while the Tianjin factory is the mainly to provide assembly and service for the north region of China. Currently, the production capacity of NORD China’s gear motors and motors have reached 150,000 units and 50 million units respectively, and export around the world. China has thus become NORD’s supply chain base in the Far East except that in Italy and Germany.

NORD has steadily developed from scratch since 2005, and achieved RMB 718 million sales in 2014, of which exports amounted to RMB 200 million. Currently, NORD has 23 sales offices around China with 442 employees in total.

Outstanding by its competitive differentiation strategy

Mr. Peter Lu further explained: "NORD China has kept an average annual growth rate of about 30% since established in 2011. As the production scale expanded in 2012, we still maintain the growth rate of 20%, which is rare in the peer due to that we have been pursuing a differentiation strategy, while actively promoting the philosophy of quality and service priority, and committed to surpassing other imported brands. In addition, we have formally renamed as NORD China instead of NORD Suzhou in 2007 relying on our own strong cash flow."

Over the past decade, NORD China has taken significant advantage in product quality and service, with a wide range of market sectors, including logistics, steel, environmental protection, crane, port, food and beverage, stage, construction machinery, mining machinery, automobiles, rail transportation and so on. What’s more, NORD's products also show superior quality especially in the demanding environment, such as roads, construction machinery, environmental protection and sewage treatment, as its products are particularly durable, which has won the trust of more customers.

Continue to strengthen R&D to expand product range

In the field of power transmission, German brands have been far ahead, thanks to its focus on research and development. In the past, NORD occupied quite a considerable market share in the field of small and medium gear motors, however, NORD will increase investment in the fields of drive and electronic control, as well as large industrial gears in the future. In addition to the technical support bases in NORD’s German headquarters and the United States, NORD China will also build R&D center to expand their product range.

In recent years, NORD Group has developed 12 kinds of new gear boxes for the market, eight of which are large industrial gear boxes, and the company will also expand the product categories to more than 20 in the future. Meantime, NORD will produce similar large-scale industrial product line with other competitors and consolidate its unicase inverter technology leadership in the industry.

Unlimited potential over the next decade

NORD has been advocating to be a leader in the terms of quality and service in Chinese market, and continues to carry out practical and transparent communication culture. In the future, the company will continue to maintain their own differentiation advantages to guarantee the service and product quality, and its next goal is to achieve global sales of 700 million euros, while increase investment in other emerging markets, such as China, India, Brazil and other countries with large population, rich resources and unlimited potential. It’s estimated that the domestic sales of NORD China will reach RMB 1.5 billion in the next decade, which will overtake the US as the world 's largest overseas market of NORD Group.