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Optimised sensor installation: Robust, safe and compact

As part of the latest design update on its asynchronous motors, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS also optimised the incremental encoder installation. The new concept optimally protects sensors against impact and vibration loads, and now also allows retrofitting.

Bargteheide , 2020-05-11

NORD asynchronous motors have undergone a comprehensive facelift. The model update applies to numerous details that further improve the function, assembly and operation of the proven electric motors. Incremental encoder mounting has also been revised. The fan cowl, which has been optimised in terms of design and assembly, now protects the encoder against impacts and vibrations. Another advantage of the new design: The sensor is no longer within the airflow. This has a positive effect on the cooling performance. Additionally, retrofitting the sensor has been made possible.

Incremental encoders are normally used for speed feedback. As sensors, they convert rotary movement into electrical signals that are read out and processed by frequency inverters and other control devices.

Optimised sensor installation

  • Full impact protection due to fan cowl
  • Improved cooling because sensor is not within airflow
  • Subsequent mounting of a sensor now possible due to plug-on shaft