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Drive systems from a single source

Not just components, but solutions: As a comprehensive supplier for drive technology, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers its customers highly efficient and reliable drive systems – as well as the highest competence across a variety of industries.

Bargteheide, 2022-05-09

Since 1965, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has developed, produced and sold innovative drive technology, and is one of the internationally leading comprehensive suppliers in the industry. As a flexible system provider , the company delivers perfectly synchronised drive systems consisting of drives, motors and frequency inverters.

The range includes gear units for torques from 10 Nm up to more than 282 kNm, electric motors for power ranges from 0.12 to 1,000 kW and frequency inverters up to 160 kW. The individual elements can be configured for almost all possible applications, thanks to the NORD modular system . This guarantees solutions which are perfectly tailored to customers' requirements. We can guarantee reliability and speed thanks to our own production capacities and an international network for assembly and customer service. Users can also configure their drive components online, using the product configurator .

NORD supplies efficient drive solutions for more than 100 branches of industry and is very familiar with the specific requirements of each sector. As an example, NORD has developed the industry-specific optimised LogiDrive IE5+ and IE4 geared motor versions for intralogistics. The patented DuoDrive geared motor is highly suitable for applications in intralogistics, the food or beverage industry , and the pharmaceutical sector. Integrating a highly efficient IE5+ synchronous motor into a single-stage helical gear unit not only guarantees a compact size but also high system efficiency.