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Safe, reliable and versatile: Gear units with extruder flange

For heavy-duty operation, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS expands its modular industrial gear unit series to include extruder flanges. Flanges and shafts can be customised for easy adaptation to nearly all common mounting dimensions.

extruder flange

Bargteheide , 2017-12-28

For size 5 to 11 industrial gear units with rated torques from 15 KNm up to 80 kNm, NORD provides several extruder flanges. Due to generously dimensioned thrust bearings, safe absorption of process forces and a long operating life can be ensured. Extruder flanges enable plant constructors and plastic-processing industries to make their drives particularly safe, reliable and versatile. The NORD Group’s range of industrial gear units provides a wide range of options for drive and driven shafts, mounting positions, seals and thermal monitoring.

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