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Lightweight heavy-duty drive systems

For harsh environments and rough handling conditions, the nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion System from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides corrosion-protection that penetrates deep below the drive surface.


Bargteheide , 2017-09-14

The treatment is available for worm, helical inline, and helical bevel gearboxes, smooth-surface motors, distributed frequency inverters and motor starters with an aluminum casing. Notably, users will benefit from the very long lifespan of drive technology with nsd tupH protection, which considerably lowers maintenance requirements and costs and increases plant availability.

Die-cast aluminum casings feature both a very good thermal performance and a significantly lower weight than cast-iron or stainless-steel versions. This facilitates handling of nsd tupH drives. Moreover, they are suitable for easy cleaning with high-pressure steam jets. The drive surface is hardened to become extremely impact-resistant. No coating is applied, so the corrosion-protection cannot be impaired by scratches or chipping. In contrast, standard painted drives are more susceptible to damage: once their coating is damaged, corrosion can gradually spread from that entry point. The superior protection provided by nsd tupH is especially vital in offshore applications and other maritime environments, since salty air speeds up the corrosion process. In conventional, non-hardened drive systems, corrosion will soon spread to shafts and additional components. In many cases, such products must be swapped as a whole after a few months. nsd tupH drives have proven their outstanding long-term performance under adverse conditions for years. Similarly, they are also the preferred choice in food industry applications with frequent use of chemical cleaning agents.