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Drive solutions for the beverage industrydrinktec 2017: Successful trade fair debut

From 11 to 15 September 2017, visitor records were broken at the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry: drinktec. In Munich, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS participated for the first time and presented drive solutions designed for washdown cleaning as well as specific solutions for the beverage industry.

drinktec trade fair 2017

Bargteheide , 2017-10-11

The highlight of the trade fair was NORD's surface treatment nsd tupH – a special process for making surfaces extremely resilient. Products treated with nsd tupH are easy to clean and resistant to acids, alkalis and corrosion. Geared motors made from aluminium and treated with nsd tupH have surface properties that are similar to those of stainless steel products, but they are lighter, more economic, and are able to dissipate heat more effectively.

The focus was also on energy-efficient solutions and concepts to minimise costs. Among other products, new energy-efficient IE3 smooth motors were presented. They are now available with powers of 120 W, 180 W and 250 W, and up to size 71. The well-known IE4 synchronous motors as standard or smooth versions impressively demonstrated their major energy-saving advantages on conveyor belts, particularly for partial loads. The successful NORDBLOC.1 series was also expanded – with the new 2-stage bevel gear unit for output torques of up to 50 Nm, high-efficiency helical bevel gear units (in addition to worm gear units) are now available for small load ranges. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS' trade fair programme was complemented with solutions for the reduction of versions and TCO optimisation solutions. NORD draws a positive conclusion for the drinktec trade fair 2017 and was pleased with the good relations that were made and the great interest that trade visitors from the beverage and liquid food industry had in all presented topics. A successful drinktec debut.

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