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Drive solutions for sewage plants - We keep our slate clean

In the field of water treatment, the drive technology is decisive for the availability and efficiency of pumping and fan stations. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers branch-optimised solutions that are characterised by great operational reliability, long service life and high axial and radial load capacities.

Bargteheide , 2019-03-26

Completely unobstructed operation is just as essential as high efficiency in sewage plants. For drive units which operate continuously, energy costs are a very important factor. In addition to the operation of aeration systems, it is mainly the pumps which are the significant factors for electricity consumption in sewage treatment plants. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS combines energy-efficient motor technology and almost loss-free gear units as well as frequency inverters with energy-saving functions for its drive solutions, ensuring top reliability and economic efficiency. Additionally, the service and maintenance friendly drive units by NORD reduce down times and thereby increase the efficiency and plant availability.

Even with the extreme environmental conditions, like moisture, dust and dirt, to which the drive units for waste water treatment and outdoor applications are often exposed to, drive technology by NORD is perfectly prepared. Double covers, IP66 brakes, increased corrosion protection through multiple coat painting, overload protection, stainless steel shafts and reinforced output shaft extensions are only a few examples for the high level of protection that is offered by NORD drive units.