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PROFIsafe module SK TU4-PNS

Extra Safety - Functional Safety gains more and more importance as a fundamental component in modern machine and plant design and it is an indispensable aspect of the drive systems from NORD.

Bargteheide , 2018-11-07

The PROFIsafe module SK TU4-PNS for the NORDAC FLEX decentralised frequency inverter from drive specialist NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers a drive-integrated solution with integrated functional safety, presenting a clear advantage to drive technology with discrete safety technology. The SK TU4-PNS option module supports the simple implementation of safe reactions via PROFIsafe. Functions such as SLS (Safely Limited Speed), SSR (Safe Speed Range) and SSM (Safe Speed Monitor) can be integrated effortlessly and expand the drive units’ safety stop functions. With this, the PROFIsafe module provides comprehensive safety for the reliable operation of plant and machinery.

Default and security-related information is transmitted between the superordinate security-related machine and facility control and the drive units with integrated functional security through one network cable. Thus, the wiring effort is minimised. Another advantage is the global availability of the security-related machine data.