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Innovative beverage filters – Decentralised drives from NORD provide the torque for ultimate taste

The new filtration systems from the machinery manufacturer TMCI Padovan ensure perfect taste for an Italian liqueur producer. Decentralised NORD drives ensure that the machines operate with high efficiency.

Bargteheide , 2018-09-03

A well-known Italian liqueur manufacturer was looking for an alternative to its conventional vacuum filters, which were uneconomical for the production of large quantities due to their very short maintenance intervals. In addition, the new process was to be more energy efficient. After a test phase, the industry specialist TMCI Padovan selected the Dynamos series, a hygienic enclosed and compact system whose parameterisation can be easily adapted according to requirements. The innovative system is the world's first cross-flow filtration system with calibrated pulse controlled extraction which is primarily suitable for liquids such as must, which have a large proportion of solid matter. The system filters the liquid via several rotating porous ceramic discs in a closed container. Decentralised drive systems consisting of a geared motor and intelligent frequency inverters from the NORDAC FLEX SK 200E from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are used. Depending on the size of the plant, each Dynamos model is equipped with various parallel shaft geared motors which drive the filter discs on up to 16 shafts. In addition, each plant has one or two product containers which are each equipped with four drive units. Each decentralised drive system is equipped with a motor-mounted frequency inverter. This controls the speed with great precision without the use of speed feedback.