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Powerful industrial gear units for maximum thermal limit powers

The new NORD MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear units have been specially developed for applications with high thermal limit powers. They are especially suitable for driving conveyor belt systems.

Bargteheide , 2019-06-06

NORD engineers have designed the power and speed ranges of the MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear unit to cater for industries in which low speed ratios and high powers are required. The application-optimised two stage helical bevel gear units are ideal for use in the bulk materials and mineral industries. Their output torques range between 15 and 75 kNm with speed ratios of 6.3 to 22.4. MAXXDRIVE® XT industrial gear units are not only extremely robust - they also operate extremely reliably even under the harshest conditions. They can also be individually tailored to any application.

Designers can choose from seven different sizes with powers from 50 to 1,500 kW. As standard, all versions are equipped with a heavily ribbed UNICASE housing and an integrated axial fan. A very high thermal limiting power is achieve thanks to the increased surface area and the air guide covers. Because of this, in many cases additional external cooling is no longer required.