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NORD and PSG design non-coupling positive-displacement pumps

In a typical pump drive, the coupling usually poses the greatest problems. As a solution to this problem, for a new sliding vane pump series from Blackmer®, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has developed a hollow shaft for NORD helical in-line gear units that enables connection of the pump without a coupling. After a successful test run, the NORD subsidiary in the USA is now the key supplier to the product manufacturer PSG.

Bargteheide , 2020-08-01

There have been several good reasons for using the hollow shaft solution: Whenever two shafts are to be connected, they must remain aligned. Otherwise, additional loads and vibrations may occur that reduce the product's service life. In a conventional pump and geared motor system, the problem is the coupling required for the connection. Even an experienced technician needs some time to align the different components with shims. This process is not only necessary during initial installation but also during each routine maintenance. Since the advent of electrically driven pumps, alignment has required the greatest effort. Due to increasing competition and less experienced technicians, it often happens that the person responsible for shaft alignment is pressed for time and only works by eye, accepting the fact that the pump's service life may be reduced with each inaccuracy.

No more unexpected downtimes

With the new alignment-free GNX pumps, this cannot happen anymore. Blackmer® also considerably simplified the installation. The new plug and play design requires hardly any time for integration into the customer's system. With a NORD SK 771.1 gear unit directly mounted to a self-adjusting high-performance sliding vane pump, the assembly offers maximum flow rates of 325 l/min or 587 l/min. The larger 3 and 4 inch sized Blackmer® pumps that achieve powers up to 37 kW and flow rates up to 1,893 l/min, have been converted accordingly.
Innovative solutions, high-quality products and excellent customer service have been decisive arguments for Blackmer® to enter a business relationship with NORD. As the idea proved so successful, Blackmer® now completely relies on gear units from NORD.