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New two-stage helical bevel gearboxes with output torques up to 50 Nm

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS expands its latest series of slim two-stage helical bevel gearboxes , adding a new smaller unit for output torques up to 50 Nm. Highly efficient helical bevel type units therefore now complement the line-up of worm gearboxes that is already available for small loads.

small 2-stage helical-bevel geared motors kleine 2-stufige Kegelradgetriebemotoren

, 2016-08-01

Thanks to superior manufacturing quality standards, the gear units are highly resilient and withstand large forces on the output shaft. The short-term overload tolerance is 275%, which leaves enough time for the motor protection to kick in. Mechanical blockages usually do not cause damage, but the drive can start right up again without service interruption. The new units are available for gear ratios from 3.58 to 61.88. They add a new size to the existing series that now comprises six sizes with output torques up to 660 Nm. NORD supplies the two-stage helical bevel gearboxes with hollow and solid shafts, single or double shafts, for foot or flange mounting, and in open or enclosed designs. All versions feature a very high power density, ensuring robust reliability and easy handling. By default, the gearboxes support reverse operation. NORD custom-configures motors, drive electronics, accessories, gaskets, and lubricants for all industries. One of the options, for instance, is the heavy-duty corrosion-protection treatment nsd tupH for the enclosure.