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Chocolate in slow motion

The finest chocolate treats require an astounding amount of pot stirring in the production process. In the conche alone, the chocolate mass is agitated for 48 hours. To keep things moving there and in many other production steps, the Austrian chocolate manufacturer Zotter employs a large number of geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.


Bargteheide , 2016-07-12

Zotter, known and loved by many devoted fans for bold experiments with fillings such as asparagus, chili, coconut, and lemon, also manufactures the chocolate coating in-house. NORD geared motors are used in various production steps: grinding the ingredients, mixing cocoa paste with sugar and dried milk, adding cocoa butter by means of pump drives, compacting the paste with a screw compressor, conveying various intermediate products, and at the conche. The conching process ensures delicate smoothness and the right flavor. Here, conveying, mixing and pumping come together, each with a custom-configured drive solution from NORD. Get a taste of the NORD solution for chocolate manufacturing here!

Zotter Case Study