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App and Bluetooth stick: NORD gets things moving

Mobile handling of drive technology - NORD DRIVESYSTEMS makes this possible with the NORDCON APP and the NORDAC ACCESS BT Bluetooth stick. Thanks to this innovative solution, users can be more flexible and efficient, resulting in real added value in their daily work.

Bargteheide, 2019-03-11

The app enables diagnosis, analysis, parameterisation and monitoring of NORD drive systems using a mobile terminal device for service calls. Convenient and intuitive operation is presented by dashboard-based visualisation, quick access to parameters and a backup and recovery feature. Drive analysis is supported by an individually configurable oscilloscope function. A Help function, video tutorials and the option for direct contact with NORD complete the app.

The NORDAC ACCESS BT is a Bluetooth stick that is used directly with the frequency converter - this ensures convenient mobile access to the drive data while at the same time full access control. The NORDAC ACCESS BT can be used to save parameter data without using the app. Using the Stick, users can transfer parameters from one frequency inverter to another. Parameter transfer between a drive and a PC is also possible.

After field testing the NORDCON APP and NORDAC ACCESS BT are available for all NORD drive electronics and can therefore be used with decentralised frequency inverters as well as control cabinet solutions and optional modules.