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Find the right spare part faster

In the NORD e-shop, customers can display the current part list of their drive. They can select the required spare part from that list and order it directly online. The NORD spare parts service has never been that fast and easy.

Bargteheide , 2020-09-30

NORD drive solutions are characterised by high reliability and long service life. However, if it comes to the worst, every minute counts and a quick replacement is required. In the new NORD e-shop , customers can now identify the components of their individual drive systems within a very short time. All they need is the serial or order number. Where to find this number is clearly illustrated with examples. After the number has been entered, the required part is selected from the part list and then added to the cart. Here, small parts such as ball bearings, seals, screws or washers can be purchased as well as gearwheels and shafts. If required, larger components like electric motors, frequency inverters or worm geared motors can also be ordered as finished parts.

The NORD e-shop:

  • Quick finding of matching spare parts using visual support
  • Part lists of standard products and customer-specific solutions
  • Convenient and secure online order
  • Clear online tutorials