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NORD supports the digital transition

Networking and connection to the Industry 4.0 environment are major topics in the industry. With its drive solutions, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provides the prerequisites for "smart factories" and supports customers with communication and application know-how in the digitalisation process.

Waunakee, WI, 2019-09-30

With the drive of the future, NORD provides the basis for a digitalised production. All components are Industry 4.0 READY and can be directly integrated into Industry 4.0 environments throughout the world. This is possible thanks to the compatibility with all common field buses and Ethernets as well as analogue and digital interfaces for sensors and actuators. As the decentralised intelligence , the PLC integrated into the drive electronics autonomously performs decentralised process and motion controls and therefore supports the central control system. In addition, it allows the quick, efficient and comprehensive evaluation of analogue and digital data – a prerequisite for modern maintenance and repair concepts such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. There are many benefits for users: Increased plant availability, avoidance of unscheduled downtimes, better planning of maintenance and service as well as a considerable reduction of maintenance and repair costs.

The advanced maintenance concepts and services are regularly extended. Currently, NORD is testing the sensorless monitoring of oil ageing and the conditions of geared motors with virtual sensors . The aim is a predictive maintenance concept which determines optimised oil change and maintenance intervals for each individual geared motor, oriented towards the actual condition of the geared motor and the gear oil.

At its headquarters in Bargteheide, NORD demonstrates the functions and opportunities of predictive maintenance, virtual sensors, drive networking and other Industry 4.0 concepts to its customers in its in-house application test area .