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Cost optimisation in the post and parcel industry

LogiDrive increases the efficiency of drive solutions in parcel distribution centres by up to 50 percent. The NORD systems comprise IE4 and IE5+ synchronous motor technology as well as decentralised frequency inverters and efficient gear units from the NORD modular system.

Bargteheide, 2020-12-16

LogiDrive drive units easily manage the balancing act between energy-efficient operation and a minimum of drive versions, and thus offer an optimal compromise between investment, operation and maintenance costs. An example: In a parcel distribution centre, motors with powers of 4 kW are installed. The actual power, however, is only 1.1 kW on average and 1.9 kW under maximum load. The latter is rarely reached, so the drives operate in the partial load range most of the time. This leads to high energy consumption, particularly with asynchronous motors. Ultimately, the utilisation of the motors in the example is a meagre 28 percent – far too low for economic operation. If LogiDrive drive units with a motor power of 2.2 kW are used instead, the utilisation can be increased by up to 50 percent while using smaller motors and fewer drive versions. Standardisation, high-efficiency IE4- and IE5+ synchronous motor technology as well as consideration for the motor's high overload capacity make the difference. LogiDrive thus reduces energy consumption and service costs. This results in low total cost of ownership (TCO).