Innovative cost savings for
electric motor replacements

Are you looking for new ideas to help eliminate
un-necessary downtime? And to reduce expensive
spares inventory ?

NORD Drivesystems AU have the answers.

Eliminate downtime.

In many factory environments where there is a large presence of water or with aggressive wash down including chemicals, electrical components are normally the first item to fail from either the ingress of water or from moisture condensation. In the food manufacturing industry particularly, where cleanliness’ and contamination are absolutely critical, the electric motor on a gearbox will always be regularly replaced when exposed to this environment. Despite increased IP protection and increased focus during the cleaning regime, these electric motors will fail prematurely and will require replacement at the most critical time during the production process.

Standard geared motor assemblies with an integral electric motor fitment are known as a “ wet “ input. The wet input can be seen as a disadvantage to the customer when replacement of the electric motor component is urgently required whilst still fitted on production machinery in the factory. The removal of the electric motor component from the gearbox input whilst still in service, not only exposes the internals of the gearbox, but contaminates the surrounding machine and possible contact with product by used gear oil and the input gasket residue. This is a messy process that requires the time consuming removal of the whole assembly, for returning to the workshop for the replacement of the electric motor in controlled conditions.

The NORD IEC electric motor adaptor mounts directly to the NORD gearbox input, and allows direct fitment of an IEC standard electric motor with a B5 flange. The electric motor can be easily removed by the four mounting bolts, and the remaining gearbox will not leak any gearbox oil whatsoever. This is known in the geared motor industry as a “ dry “ input. By including NORD IEC electric motor adaptors on NORD Helical gearboxs’ in your facility, you now have the added benefit of being able to replace the electric motor without the unnecessary removal of the complete geared motor assembly from the machine.

Reduced spares inventory.

By standardising on NORD’s IEC electric motor adaptors, you can substantially reduce the number of electric motors held as spare parts. Rather than having multiple variations of each particular electric motor size due to the large range of gearbox ratios available, the customer can now stock only one of every motor power, including frame size and number of poles. This will greatly decrease the customer’s investment in spare electric motors. Apart from NORD’s own range of IEC standard electric motors, the NORD IEC electric motor adaptor will accommodate any other brand of IEC standard electric motor, including electric motors certified in Australia for Hazardous environments.

This philosophy also extends to the number of complete geared motor assemblies carried in your spares stock. By utilising NORD IEC electric motor adaptors in your factory, you eliminate the need to carry a complete geared motor for every single site, as you now do not have to stock a complete second set of spare geared motors to facilitate the replacement of electric motors. This is, of course, excepting spares for those sites identified as critical to maintain continued production.

NORD Drivesystems AU stock and assemble IEC standard electric motors and components between 0.12 kW and 30 kW. All of the NORD electric motors offered are of IE2 efficiency standard which complies or exceeds the Australian MEPS2 efficiency standard. Mounting positions available include B3 foot mount, and B5 or B14A flange mount. The nominal IP protection class is IP56 offered as standard, while the IP66 option is also available from assembly at their Derrimut, Victoria assembly plant. Exterior coatings available include enamel, acrylic and two pack epoxy paints, and the unique NORD Severe Duty ( NSD ) Stainless Steel coating system. NORD Drivesystems can offer an extensive range of electric motor options including rain hoods, incremental and absolute encoders, IP55 and IP66 electromagnetic brakes, integral forced fan cooling, backstops, tropic proofing, and much more.

NORD Drivesystems AU offer NORD IEC electric motor adaptors for their entire range of Helical gearbox’s, encompassing a wide input power range of 0.12 kW to 1000 kW, and with torque capacity up to 550,000 Nm. All NORD gearbox’s are supplied with a two year warranty, and are supported 24/7 from the NORD Drivesystems’ assembly plant.

For further information regarding NORD Drivesystems’ products including the IEC electric motor adaptors, please phone NORD Drivesystems AU on 1300 – 00 NORD ( 1300 – 00 6673 ), email: or refer to the website: