Cost effective solution to increase reliability, service life and increase power savings for geared motors in the meat industry.

Alliance Group adopts leading edge technologies to reduce downtime and to reduce running costs.

Major New Zealand meat processor, the Alliance Group, needed to upgrade their carton conveyors located at their Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay processing plant. Alliance identified that they wanted to upgrade to modern, reliable and more efficient technologies for their conveyor systems. In particular, the carton conveyors in the boning room were updated from the older powered roller technology to a modular belt design driven by a high efficient drive package. There were three conveyors to be updated to the new technology – two straight and one with a large radius.

Alliance turned to their power transmission supplier - Russet Engineering Supplies, to recommend and provide the leading edge technology for the geared motor drive package for their conveyors’ upgrade. Further to the old technology already in place, was the issue of the existing worm geared motors overheating. Even in the cold ambient temperature of 7 degrees inside the boning room, the inefficient worm geared motors were too hot to touch, and were failing within a very short service life of up to six months.

Importantly, Alliance engineer Dennis Rodgers wanted the new geared motor package to offer increased reliability, and an extended service life. The other major criteria was that the new drive package must be suitable for their aggressive wash down environment.

The NORD 2 stage helical bevel gearbox incorporates an industry leading design including oversized bearings. This technology offers the highest overhung output shaft load capacity available, and the large bearings extend the reliability and ultimate service life of the geared motor. The 2 stage helical gear set is 97% efficient which further enhances the drive package’s highly efficient capacity to transmit maximum torque with minimum demand to the electric motor power. The high material specification, the high tolerance manufacture, and the heat treatments employed by NORD in Germany ensure that the NORD 2 stage helical bevel gearbox offers the longest life expectancy of any equivalent gearbox in the market.

The new NORD HM series electric motors feature a smooth exterior surface, with no cooling fins at all. All exterior surfaces are sloped to facilitate flow of water and wash down off the surface. The NORD HM series electric motors are MEPS2 compliant ( AS/NZS1359.5 ) and are rated for S1 continuous duty.

The complete NORD geared motor assembly was coated with NORD’s Severe Duty Extreme Stainless Steel coating system ( NSD ), which is perfect for hygienic and food applications including wash down with aggressive chemicals. The NSD coating sets extremely hard, and will not chip or crack unlike other surface products such as two pack epoxy paint. The NSD coating has particular resistance to aggressive cleaning chemicals such as Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, and Caustic Soda, making it ideal for the meat processing industry. The NSD coating encapsulates the entire geared motor assembly, prohibiting the ingress of water and chemicals under the exterior surface.

The NORD two year factory warranty also enhanced Alliance’s buying decision, as this was new technology and Alliance wanted to minimise any unforeseen risk.

All NORD products are supported 24 hours day/ 7 days week in both New Zealand and Australia.

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