NORD Drivesystems AU
invests in local production

NORD Drivesystems AU, the 100% owned subsidiary
of Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co KG based in
Bargteheide, Germany, have recently commissioned
their new paint facility at their Derrimut, Victoria site.

The Australian NORD subsidiary commenced operations in Australia during 2009, and established a brand new NORD geared motor assembly plant complete with NORD components’ stock, and a NORD service operation. The NORD assembly presses and tooling are considered to be the most modern and advanced of their type in Australasia. The presses and tooling are identical to those utilised by NORD in Germany and their subsidiaries throughout the world.
The original paint facility initially installed during 2009 complied with NORD’s international standards for paint application. During 2011 NORD Drivesystems AU committed to introduce the NORD Severe Duty ( NSD ) Stainless Steel coatings system to the Australian market. This initiative required a heavy investment and a complete redesign of the existing facilities by NORD Drivesystems AU. The rebuild of the existing paint line and the introduction of the new drying room was completed during 2011.

The paint facility at the Derrimut factory follows NORD’s international policy that includes the operation of fully independent and local drive assembly services. NORD Drivesystems AU can apply most paint surfaces including enamel and acrylic paints, two pack epoxy paints, and the exclusive NORD Severe Duty Stainless Steel coatings. The facility also gives the Australian subsidiary complete control of the application of paints and coatings, and with the inclusion of the new drying room facility offers its customers the fastest possible despatch times.

The new NORD Severe Duty ( NSD ) Stainless Steel coating system is exclusive to the NORD company and all NORD subsidiaries worldwide. This product is blended exclusively for NORD Gear Corporation in North America. NSD coatings are based on a two pack polyurethane product blended with 316 Stainless Steel particles. The NSD coating system also utilises special primers and clear coats. NSD offers a very high impact resistance, and has been proven to resist aggressive chemicals such as Hydrocloric acid, Sulfuric acid, Caustic soda, and can withstand salt water immersion and salt water spray.

Following on from the success of this innovative product in the North American market, NORD subsidiaries worldwide are now revising their facilities to introduce and apply NSD coatings internationally.

For further information on NORD Drivesystems AU, their expansive range of NORD products including the exclusive NSD Stainless Steel coatings, please phone 1300 – 00 NORD ( 1300 – 00 6673), email or go to –