SER Best Newcomer in
World Solar Challenge 2011

NORD-sponsored racing team successful
in its first race in Australia

Because of very difficult weather conditions this year, only seven teams completed the approx. 3,000 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide powered solely by solar energy and within the official time limit. Consequently, all other teams were ranked by the distance they covered using solar energy.

The defending champion, the Tokai University team from Tokyo, again came first, reaching the finish on 20 October, the fifth day of the race, followed closely by two more long-time participants in this biannual event. The weather became a big challenge not only because of the immense heat; it was also very changeable with several rainy days and with thick clouds impairing many cars’ energy generation.

Even bushfires interrupted the race through a lengthy road block as well as smoke clouds which obscured the sky. With their final ranking, the Solar Energy Racers outdid both the US university teams from Stanford and MIT. Their convincing performance not only won the Swiss team a price as the best first-time participants, their racing car was also awarded a third place in the Production Class category. This is the contest of vehicles constructed only from components freely available in the market. As a sponsor, NORD congratulates the racing team on their success in Australia.